Thursday, December 16, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Time to lighten up me thinks !

Amid all the doom and gloom going about at the present (and future ?) about Ankaragucu, here is a photo to warm the hearts and put a smile on our faces.
What's special about this photo ?
In this photo is a fanatik Fenerbahce supporter standing beside Eski, Ercument, who agreed to wear the Ankaragucu scarf and admit that Ankaragucu is a force to be reckoned with (ie, when they play with a full team !!).
Hmmmm ..... the photo was taken last Tuesday before we learned of the turmoil about to unfold.
Anyway, doesn't it give you a warm feeling in your 'extremities' to see a Fener supporter wearing THE REAL COLOURS ????
Well done Ercument, and perhaps I might (in time !) brainwash him to like Ankaragucu ..... well, a little anyway !!
Now then ....... didn't that put a smile on all you despondent Ankaragucu kankas faces ???
All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    I let a couple of days go by without checking out the blog and jaysus, the S H one T has really hit the fan.
    The tragi-comedy that IS Ankaragucu goes in another weird direction.It is typically ironic that all this follows the tremendous victory over Fener.The Gokceks have no shame.Sad.

    Dublin Neil.

  2. Loving the photo Jim, and well done to Ercument for wearing the scarf, but I'm afraid mate that this blog will continue to report the news. Ankaragucu are imploding and we will report it.

  3. I should have known better than to try and deflect attention away from the matter at hand from a journalist !

    Ah well, as Battle Damaged would no doubt have said ..... 'good try Eski' !!

    Can't wait for the next installment in the saga ..... NOT !!

  4. Anonymous2:42 pm

    so whats the latest news today kankas ?


  5. Not much news on the chaos but:

    Ankaragucu have been fined 15,000 TL for the fights between Gokcek and anti-Gokcek supporters at last week's match and fined a further 5,000 TL for Umit Ozat walking on the grass (something like that anyway).

  6. Anonymous4:26 pm

    nice of the Turkish FA to kick us when were down, im mean walking on the grass ????? ffs.


    p.s chris, one of my friends is looking to do a interview with michael stewart and billy mehmet on there moves to turkey, any idea how he can get it done as he lives in scotland ?


  7. Seems to me that this is a tall order Nadeem.

    However, I do know that Chris and I want to interview Messrs Stewart and Billy for the Blog, but, as you know, Stewart has been out injured for most of the season.

    Speaking personally, I would really like to quiz Michael Stewart on his Hibs connection and why (as a Jambo) he decided to play for 'the enemy' !!!

    I'm sure that Chris has the interview in his 'things to do' list, and perhaps it will happen after the mid-season break.

    Chris may have other ideas and we await his comments.

  8. These things are a little bit difficult here. I've only managed once or twice to get players/coaches to talk to us. Basically they look at us (ie fans) with complete suspician and the clubs themselves aren't a lot of help. Still, I'll keep trying.

    As for your mate trying to do an interview from Scotland. In some ways that might be easier, as long as they are from an established newspaper. In that case it is just a matter of ringing the club and asking for the press spokesman.

  9. I wouldn't mind an interview. I can always use audio interviews for the podcast. Of course, you all get first dibs with it.