Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gencler around the world

Dan the Man mentioned this in the comments section today. I thought it was worth making a separate post. Click on the picture for a better view.

I just discovered that on White Hart Lane you can find TWO big clubs.


  1. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Wow ....... what a surprise !

    It got me thinking ..... perhaps I should speak to some of my friends and open an Ankaragucu Shop on Easter Road ..... another famous club !!

    All the best from The Dreamer, Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Dreamer or just high on optimism pills?

  3. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I've binned all my optimism pills and warned my Chemist that I may not be ordering any more !!!

    Eski Kanka in angry mode after last night !!