Monday, September 05, 2011

'A Stroll in the Park' for Genclerbirligi

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Gencler retained the TSYD Cup last night with a professional hatchet job against the Ankaragucu 'Young Boys' !

Genclerbirligi 2 Ankaragucu 0

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Izmir Kanka Onur and I met up in The Chopin for the usual pre-match 'refreshments' and then took off for the Stadium.

A very poor crowd for an evening match. However, to answer Damon's question, a much improved turnout from the Gencler fans - up from the usual 13 to 39 !!!

Ankaragucu Gecikondu Boys were well represented and in full voice in the first half, silent in the 2nd half and absent half way through the 2nd half ! Anti-X and Sokak were absent, so Maraton was not busy, and there were only a few in Kapali.

Gencler took control of the match from the outset and never let go. The fact that only 2 goals were scored was down to abysmal finishing, especially in the 2nd half when 3 'sitters' were blasted over when it would have been easier to tap-in. Also, perhaps Cavcav told the players to ease off in the 2nd half ?!

Horseshit (oooops.... sorry ....... I mean Hursit) was everywhere and looked dangerous - some of his long passes were top drawer. The 2 lanky Africans were pacey and will cause defences some problems this season. The No 9 (name ?) stood out too. His ball control was exceptional and he was a constant threat to the Ankaragucu back line. So, lots of positives to take for the season for Gencler on this excellent team performance.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Ankaragucu. Notwithstanding that the team was unrecognisable, they played like lost sheep and were totally out of their depth. However, that is not meant as a serious criticism. With the right coaching, some of them may well progress to the Senior Team in the future.

Looking forward to Saturday's match against Mersin, it remains to be seen if 'Coach-less' Ankaragucu has any senior players left ! If not, they will be in serious trouble, bearing in mind how the 2 Mersin Africans and Nobre tore the Gencler defence apart in the Captial City Cup last month.

So, well done Gencler. A well deserved and professional performance.

It is now 10 years since Ankaragucu won the Ankara TSYD Cup which is an embarrassing statistic. The Capital City Cup win is now a distant memory !

Next Saturday we will meet in The Chopin or The Beer Bus at about 5pm and go to the Stadium at 7pm. We are holding our breath to see what the line-up will look like !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I think that it is important to note that there was in fact cheering for Bursa in the 16th minute. I've seen reports elsewhere that deny this, but some fans at least understand that Bursa did NOT stab us in the back by taking on Adem and Sestak. This is our mess. Let us not blame our friends for it.

  2. Walter8:31 pm

    i am Walter. i am 38 and i am a big fan of turkish soccer who i follow since i was 15. i read your comment about a.gücü. i don't know how the team can to avoid the relegation because they sold all the best players :-/
    Hope to find here new turkish friends.
    Best regards from italy.

  3. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Hi Walter and welcome to this football site.

    Yes, it's true that Ankaragucu is in a financial mess and I honestly don't know at this time how it is going to be resolved.

    I hope God can help us because I can't see help coming from anywhere else !!

    You have obviously been around our site, eg, the best of, etc. and we are always happy to welcome footie fans to comment here.

    So, tell us something about yourself. Also, why do you follow Turkish football ? Which is your favourite team in Turkey (pleeeezzzzz don't say any of the three Istanbul teams !!!!) ? What team do you support in Italy ? etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous4:29 am

    thanks for the report despite seeing unexpected faces of Ankaragucu

    the line up will be brilliant if we compare it with the young squad but i do not know what happens after losing our star players (sestak,sapara,vittek) but if we manage to beat mersin, maybe it can help us to establish the peaceful enviroment between fans.


  5. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Hi Turkish brother,
    i just introduce my self to you. I am Walter. I am 38 and i live in Rome. I follow turkish soccer since i was 15. I started this hobby during 1988-89 when GS played in semifinal in old Champions Cup. I collect everything about turkish soccer: books, flags, shirts, stats, pennants, photos, newspapers. I went in turkey in 1996 and 2003. I love your country and turkish people. Sorrt, my first team is G.Saray but i hope you will forgive me. However, i follow all turkish teams. For me it is not easy to understand turkish languace, so i use my vocabolary to translate the articles of newspapers. I am very sad for A.Gücü. I read you sold the best players. I don't know if Ziya Dogan can to help to team. Sure, i am worried because there are too young and unexperienced players.
    So, i hope to find here news friends. If someone wants to contact me, i also am in facebook like Walter Verani (i am a member of an Ankaragücü group). Sorry for my poor english and FORZA ANKARAGÜCÜ.
    Have a good day brothers ;-)

  6. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Ps. I am an supporter of Lazio, in Italy.

  7. Benvenuto Walter,

    Galatasaray davvero?!!! Ma devo dire che è un po' strano per qualcuno che ha il cuore bianco azzurro di tifare per una squadra che porta i colori giallo e rosso. :)

    And don't worry about your English it's fine. Sbagliando s'impara , no?

    The fact that someone in Italy actually knows what is happening to Ankaragücü is pretty amazing. Keep following the blog, and sharing your thoughts about Ankaragücü and Turkish football in general with us. And if you ever come to Ankara please let us know! Who knows maybe Ankaragücü tourism will become the next fashionable thing.

    All the best, and keep in touch, Walter.

  8. Walter1:39 am

    Hi Brother,
    thank you very much for your kind words. Sure, i hope to come back in Turkey next months. If I will go in Ankara, you will know it ;-) Yes, the colours of Lazio vs G.Saray are different but Galatasaray was been the first turkish soccer which I watched on tv. I remember great players like Tanju, Prekazi, Ugur, Semih and Simovic. However, i also know and remember ma many former player of Ankaragucu like Bahattin Gunes, Sead Sabotic, Sinan Engin, Hasas Sas, Rade Zalad, Cafer Aydin, Jaba, Murat Erdogan, Hakan Kutlu, Ohene Kennedy, Yilmaz Ozlem and many other...
    I think Ziya Dogan is a normal coach, but at this moment AG need a strong staff in the club whith a strong president. I don't know if AG will preserve its place in Super Lig, it's very difficult... A question: Rajnoch, Kelhar, Tisdell, Cerny and Senecky will be with AG next season ? AG need of experienced players.
    Hope to read you soon.

    ps. have you a group in facebook ?

  9. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Walter, I think it is generally agreed that we will forgive you for supporting Galata....spit...saray. My favourite team in Italy is Perugia and I'll tell you why when we meet you here in Ankara. We look forward to seeing you here in the future.

    Damon, Harun and I are all on facebook, but we don't have a 'group' as such. Please contact me at James Chalmers. I have a blue Ankaragucu top on in the profile photo !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim