Monday, November 28, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Despite Nadeem's brief summary in the comments section of the previous post, I will attempt to put some 'meat on the bones' ! Yes, he was spot-on with his summary of the 1st half - to put it quite simply ......... it was a disaster and an error strewn catalogue of mistakes which could have been so much more damaging than going in at half time only 0-2 down. Thank God Ozden is in fine form these days !

However, it was 'almost' a great start by Ankaragucu in the 2nd minute of the match when a great ball was passed to the unmarked Murat who had the goal at his mercy, but shot tamely past. That was to be Ankaragucu's last serious effort of the 1st half.

Eskisehir 3 Ankaragucu 2

Team -

Guven, Ediz, Aydin and Ozgur
Weeksie, Umut Hurriyet, Kagan and Murat

Substitutes used - Turgut, Keles and Muhammet

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka Harun and I met up in The Chopin where there was about 20 other fanatics watching the match.

Ankaragucu was all at 'sixes and sevens' in the 1st half with only Atilla showing any inclination to attack.

Eskisehir was waltzing through the Ankaragucu defence at will and it was only a matter of time before their attacking bore fruit and it was an excellent goal which did the damage.

On the half hour mark, the defence got into a muddle and lost possession (again), the breakaway on the left wing was on and the cross was inch perfect for Kamara to outjump the Ankaragucu defender (couldn't see which one) and send a bullet of a header into the top right corner.

That man Kamara (who had an excellent match) again was responsible for the 2nd goal just before half time when he was allowed to carry the ball into the Ankaragucu penalty area without a tackle coming in, but his powerful shot rebounded off the post, hit Ozgur and went in. It is debatable whether Ozgur could have avoided the ball, which as I said, was travelling at a fast rate of knots. I think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt and sympathise with him !

Ziya Bey had obviously been as unimpressed as us with the 1st half 'performance' and sent on Turgut and Keles for Guven and Umut at the start of the 2nd half, and the tactic 'almost' paid off.

10 minutes in and that man Murat (again) had another golden opportunity to change the course of the match, but he missed a 'sitter' and blew it. Turgut went on a great run down the left wing beating one defender after another, crossed the ball in to the unmarked Murat who should have tapped-in, but he screwed the ball wide. Unforgivable to miss an open goal ..... arrrrgh !

It was becoming an end-to-end match now with Ankaragucu coming more into the match, but Eskisehir was still looking dangerous and having most of the possession. But, Ankaragucu had chances all spurned when Atilla headed over after good work from Hurriyet and Turgut. Also, Hurriyet and Keles had shots saved by Ivesa.

However, the break-through came in the 72nd minute when I decided to go to the toilet. Damon and Harun were obviously thinking that this is the time to score when Eski goes to see his beloved 'Fatmagul' in the toilet ! OK, so it was a lucky ricochet which gave Atilla the chance to guide the ball into the empty goal, but it certainly cheered us up.

2 minutes later we were all up on our feet high-fiving and singing when Keles guided the ball in for the equaliser with a delicate glancing header. Ivesa 'almost' reached it, but not quite !

5 minutes later and it should have been the winner. Another surging run down the left by Turgut and a pass to Atilla, who caught the 'Murat Disease' and screwed the ball wide when it should have been buried.

So, OK, a great fight-back to win a point. We could accept that, but ..........

Into time added-on and a deflected shot from an Eskisehir attacker hit the bar and rebounded off for a corner. With Turgut defending on the 18 yard line, the ball came to him from the corner kick and he somehow managed to mis-kick his clearnace to an Eskisehir attacker and ....... GOAL !

What a sickener which left us all stunned and speechless !

Having 'almost' won the match, we 'almost' had a point, and to lose like that was a bitter pill to swallow.

Ankaragucu now face the prospect of a visit to Kadikoy next Saturday for what is sure to be a testing time for the shaky Ankaragucu defence. The burning question is .... will Ziya Bey start with a defensive formation, or will he 'bite the bullet' and repeat his 2nd half tactics from yesterday's match ? The clock is ticking !

btw, Gencler are also in action on Saturday at home to Galatasaray. So I guess that will be the late afternoon KO and the Fener v Ankaragucu the evening KO. I'll put it in the comments section as usual when known.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. so frustrating to watch. One half we were dreadful, and the second half excellent but another silly goal that we concede yet again.

  2. yakup ÜNAL9:29 pm


  3. Hey, Yakup, welcome to the blog!

    For those who do not know, Yakup was one of the fanatics watching the match with us that Jim mentioned. Yakup's friends Cem and Omer were also there.

    Let's hope we can pull off a coup against Fener.

  4. Anonymous10:41 am

    The KO times for Saturday are as I suspected, ie, -

    Gencler v Galatasaray - 4pm

    Fenerbahce v Ankaragucu - 7pm

    Oz Kanka will be sending out an email soon about the meeting arrangements for the Gencler match. Watching the Ankaragucu match in The Chopin.