Sunday, September 16, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu is still searching in vain for their first league point in the PTT 1st Division.   That's not to say they have made little effort.   On the contrary, the young Ankaragucu team gave their all and were unlucky last night to encounter a goalkeeper at the top of his game and a referee who needs a refresher course !

Karsiyaka  2               Ankaragucu  0

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I watched the match in the Red Lion Club in the British Embassy.   The match was played in the compact Alsancak Stadium (home of Altay) in Izmir and amazingly the Stadium was full and in fine voice.   Actually the atmosphere would not have been out of place in the Super League !

Ankaragucu was first to threaten in the 6th minute, when from a corner, Aytac connected with a great shot which brought out an equally great save from Necati.

Then in the 14th minute came the controversial decision from the referee which turned the match.   It was a clear cut case of dangerous play from the Ankaragucu defender who was at an angle of 90 degrees to the attacking player.   It was obvious that he was trying to play the ball and not the man, and as his leg was at a high angle he connected with the player.   There was no intent to play the man !   Therefore the correct decision was an indirect free kick !     Yes yes yes .......... we know that referees make mistakes from time to time, but when an infringement occurs in the Box, they must be careful not to make snap decisions which involve a penalty.

Anyway, up stepped Fatih to despatch a well taken penalty and Ankaragucu was once again looking up a mountain.

I hate to use the cliche ....... it was all end to end ......... but that's what it amounted to.    However, Ankaragucu came out for the 2nd half and took control of the match.

In the 60th minute Ankaragucu had grounds for a penalty, but the referee obviously played advantage, or ........ he was shit scared to award a penalty to the away team !!!     Anyway, from the 'advantage' the shot was saved by Necati.

For the remainder of the match, Karsiyaka had Necati to thank for pulling off some fine saves.   Also, there was some screamers which went just past his post.    Damon and I agreed that Necati was without question, Man of the Match.

Approaching the end of the match and Karsiyaka put the sword in from ........ dare I say it ........ a fast breakaway ..... when Adnan scored the 2nd to wrap the match up.

There is a more detailed report from Bellshill Kanka Nadeem in his blog Ankaragucu Iskocya when he also records Volkan's Red Card near the end for stupidly saying 'something' to the referee.

2-0 is not a true reflection of the 90 minutes.    Ankaragucu came to attack and on any other day could well have left with all 3 points.   However, as we saw last season, when things keep going against you it is difficult to turn the corner.    However, that is exactly what Ankaragucu MUST do next weekend against Manisa to kick-start their season.

We will be there to see the match.   Meeting in The Chopin Bar prior to going to the Stadium.   Details later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. great report again Jim. As said last night, im proud how the team played. There is no doubt we deserved the three points. Im confident now that we have enough to stay up. But we need the points on the board asap

  2. "But we need the points on the board asap"

    You said it, brother. Hopefully we'll get three from the coming match.

  3. Nice reportage Jim. Ahhh guys, is it seriously another season wondering if we'll stay up? Aren't we supposed to be contending for a hasty promotion? Forgive my damp tone; it's the Villa bone in me talking. Anyway, I do miss watching the boys down there, and from the sounds of it we're full of blood and fire and that goes a long way.

    As for me, I watched my newly adopted S.A team, Chippa United ('the Chillie Boyz') this afternoon have a solid win snatched away from them at the death by those Joburg thieves, Bidvest Wits. I know you feel our pain in Ankara and Scotland.

    Wish I could come share a post match ayran with you in the Chopin. I'm there in spirit guys.

    Looking forward to hearing about our first win next game Jim. Viva Ankaragucu! Viva Chippa! Viva Hibs! Viva Villa!

    All the best to you all,

    Springbok kanka

  4. Lot's of chuckling at Springbok Kanka's latest offering !!!

    Yes, good w'end for Villa and Hibs, but it's a long way to go before we can become complacent. Still, isn't it great to have points in the bag, rather than chasing the pack ?!

    We are full of optimism for this w'end match against Manisa ......... and that's without those pills !!

    Look forward to more comments from the Springbok Boy and ....... updates about the Chippas yessssss !!