Friday, March 08, 2013

Genclerbirligi smashed on the field... but still get the points

"And this TRT radio broadcast has been explained to you by ?Didn't catch? and ?Didn't catch?", claimed the announcer after this evening's match. Really? We sort of got a description but in no way at all was anything "explained".

There was a penalty in the second half. Apparently the referee took his time before awarding it; no worries there. The Gencler players all rounded on the referee and Aykut was shown a yellow; probably deserved.

The radio announcers then brought to us the years of experience they have had working in the aural-explanation environment that is what old people like Sir Eski still describe as that "new-fangled wireless thing".  They combined that industry-specific background with their in-depth knowledge of the the round ball game by not even bothering to venture even the tiniest of opinions on whether the decision was right, wrong, a disgrace or whatever!

When I'm watching a match live or on telly I make that sort of judgement* within seconds! These buggers are paid half-decent money and I expect an opinion!

A penalty was given** and the announcers said NOTHING!!! NOTHING at all!!!

Drogba missed the penalty and so my rage turned to joy within seconds. Wooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!! TRT rocks!!!!!

Galatasaray 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

The good wife that is Mrs. Oz Kanka is in Elazig at the moment doing some work that is of vital importance to the Australian government and so I had to stay at home to sort of keep an eye on Little Oz Kanka.

We were surely in for a shellacking from the league leaders so I wasn't too upset.

Little Oz Kanka was on the computer playing The Sims 3. I had the radio in the lounge room and was practicing darts.

Just setting the scene.

Kick-off and boy did the crowd sound loud. Of course this was TRT radio and so I have no idea how many people were there. There was no mention on whether the match was sold out, or if there were empty seats. But we don't need that sort of peripheral rubbish that most so-called professional commentators trot out. No. We don't need that because we know that these fellows are going to "anlat" everything else.

Well they certainly anlat'ed the absolute fury that was the Galatasaray attack in the first half. Cimbom could well have been 5-0 up at half time. I laughed, of course, but poor old Hamit Altintop managed to hit the crossbar twice within a few minutes. You could have been forgiven to think that the Gencler team consisted of just Ramazan because most of the commentary was of Galatasaray players moving the ball into positions to shoot; the ball either being saved by Ramazan or he then lined up to take the goal kick.

Half-time at 0-0 and I doubt anyone would have put money on Galatasaray not winning.

Second-half and Gencler started slightly better (as evidenced by the fact that some of our non-defenders had the ball for a moment or two). Little Oz Kanka then had a problem on how to get a built-in recessed sink to align with a wall he had erected for a private bathroom he was building.

Took me about three minutes to sort that one out and went back to the darts and the radio only to hear that Genclerbirligi had scored!!!!! Bjorn with a header!!!??? (I think).

Amazing stuff. How the hell can we have been played so off the park and still be ahead. At that point I hadn't heard of a single shot on goal... but here we were ahead with about 28 minutes to go.

Cimbom tried to come back and whilst they dominated it didn't sound too threatening... until !!!!!


(see penalty above)


Then we held on. Bloody amazing. I'll take it!

* Judgements made by me may not always be based on the laws of Association Football.

** I've now seen the video replay and if the announcers really had no opinion on the matter then I reckon they could probably apply to become Indian cricket commentators who are all vetted, censored, and paid by the Indian cricket authorities because we would never want anyone to actually give an opinion... or something.


  1. Amazing, fantastic, awesome, brilliant, hmmmm..... can't think of any more !!!

    So, Gencler's Europa Cup dream is back on track. A few more results like this and we'll have that Gencler v Hibernian match that I always fantasised about !!!

    btw, thanks for the mention in your great report Oz !!!

    Looking at the top of the table, it certainly puts tonight's match in Trabzon in perspective. I never thought I'd ever say this, but ..... c'mon Besiktas !!!

  2. Great result for gencler !! Well done ankara !