Friday, March 01, 2013

They really ought to get their act together

There is something just not quite right with Gencler at the moment. We can dominate games but not win them. We can be solid at the back and all a bit wishy-washy up front. We seem to have plenty of players to choose from but the combinations don't seem to be working. What should we do? I don't know. If I did I'd become a coach. Instead I just bleat on here.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 0 Istanbul BBS AS LTD ASAP WTF

End of the working week and so with a spring in our step @spinesideburn, @pritchdan, Little Oz Kanka and your favourite  Gencler-supporting-middle aged-white-male-Australian blogger met up at the Beer Bus. Our good friend @pspicerward wasn't there and it seems as if we won't be seeing much of him at Gencler matches as he has made the mistake that almost all us make when we are young and stupid. Yep... he has a girlfriend.
Me and amigo.

On to the footy and it was interesting to see that Hursut had been left on the bench and Jimmy Durmaz moved from the left wing to the right, while Zec took Jimmy's spot on the left. It sort of worked but Jimmy's right foot is about as good as my mother-in-law's taste in popular music and we couldn't really penetrate.

Azofeifa was back in the starting line up but he didn't look to brilliant and Bjorn up front didn't seem to be getting much of the ball. He was in fact played out of the match by the IBB defender (by means both fair and foul).

Still. We were in control and at half-time I was still confident that we would get a winner.

It wasn't to be though and even though we tried our best the goal just wouldn't come. Some of the refereeing was bad (including one decision in the first half that probaly should have been a penalty for them) but overall we can't blame the ref.

Oz, Little Oz and @pritchdan
We had way too many shots that went miles wide. Too often we stopped over the ball giving time for their defenders to get back.


Hursut came on late but didn't much. Azo was subbed off for Tomic but all to no avail. With a minute or so to go we had a good chance but Tomic couldn't get to the ball and instead ... either a) was taken out by the IBB keeper when he could have scored, or b) dived, or c) was taken out by the IBB keeper even though he had no chance of scoring, or d) he fell over.  

The referee went for (b) and Tomic got a yellow. In the subsequent stupidness Zec managed to get a red card for arguing with the ref. A bit harsh but it was also very silly from Zec.

The good thing is that the red card solves one of Fuat Capa's selection problems. Next week I can confidently predict that Gencler will have Jimmy on the left and Hursut on right. All shall be good and right in the world and Gencler will come away with an away win.


  1. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Thanks for the quick report Oz, pity you didnt get any goals tonight.

    Dublin Neil.

  2. Isn't it great to read Oz Kanka's humourous and interesting reports on the Blog ?!

    Sorry we can't compete with that on the Ankaragucu front !!!

    It's looking like mid-table for Gencler, unless ..... they can listen to Oz Kanka's advice and put that round thingie in between the sticks !!!

  3. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Threading lightly with this Jim but Genclerbirligi have been a model of mid table (and higher) consistency over the recent past.Never really spectacular, but usually solid, dependable and more or less able to hold their own.Not to mention stable.All the things in fact that poor Gucu have NOT been!(ouch)

    Dublin Neil.

  4. Good closing exclamation from Dublin Neil ...... 'ouch' ! Which just about sums up Ankaragucu's season.

    Ouch ....... the results have been horrific.
    Ouch ....... the refereeing decisions have been horrific.
    Ouch ....... the hooliganism problem has been horrific.

    Have I missed anything ???

    Ouch !!!