Sunday, June 02, 2013

Ankaragucu agree deals with 8 young players !

Some long awaited good news from Ankara as Ankaragucu have agreed deals with 8 youth players from the amateur leagues according to TRT Spor. With Ankaragucu having already lost Mert Erdogan, Bilal Gulden, Enes Kubat, Mustafa Kaplan and a few set to follow the need for new players was a must. With the club serving a Transfer ban the club are only allowed to offer contracts to amateur players aged 18 or under.

The club have agreed a deal with Yalovaspor Goalkeeper Ugur Sarica, Acaspor forward Emirhan Urhan and their midfielder Ibrahim Enes Yilmaz. The club also raided Yalovagucuspor for 5 of their players. They are Semi Gortay, Mucahit Kurt, Berk Akpinar, Oguzhan Yildirim and Ali Berke.

Sixteen year old Goalkeepr Ugur Sarica is believed to have caught the attention of many clubs but Ankaragucu have moved swiftly for his signature. These young players will join the club for pre season training and will be aiming to fight their way into the first team and help the club back to the PTT Lig.


  1. Any little crumb of good news is always welcome, and as we all know, there hasn't been many crumbs these past 2 years.

    Yalovaspor is not a name to strike fear into the hearts of opponents, so it remains to be seen if these young lads are good enough to take up the challenge of helping Ankaragucu return to the PTT League.

    The Stadium Ban will still be in operation when the new season kicks-off (2 more home matches ?), so we will be unable to carry out a proper assessment of their strengths (and weaknesses) until we see them in action for ourselves.

    As in the PTT League last season, there are teams in the 2nd Division who will be looking to take the scalp of Ankaragucu, so next season will not be a breeze.

    A good solid start is necessary to post our intention that a return to the PTT League is a priority for everyone connected at the Club.

    Languishing in the 2nd Division is NOT an option for Ankaragucu !

  2. Good to hear that the club is being proactive in searching for young talent (only choice available I know). Let's hope that they discover some diamonds. The fightback starts here.

    Sorry to hear that there is some unrest in Ankara at the moment. Is 'Always Rock' in Kusiley out of bounds?

    Good luck all.

  3. Time will tell if these boys are good enough. We need to build a squad capable of pushing for promotion. The management team know what they need to do in order to lift the transfer ban.

  4. Can't say if 'Always Rock' is out of bounds Burra Boy. However, what I will say is that sensible people are giving Kizilay and Tunali a 'body swerve' for the time being.

    I am hoping that RTE and the 'nice' Mr Gokcek will keep the Police off the streets so as not to intimidate any future peaceful protesters.

    RTE is an intelligent man and it is hoped he cools off his inflamatory speeches and takes a back seat for the foreseeable future. Then and only then can we return to the status quo !

  5. I wish i was born in Ankara and turkish ! I hope these kids give everything they have to the cause and also hope that the trainers at AG teach them well ! We need them a lot