Sunday, June 16, 2013

Latest news from Ankaragucu !

We apologise for the lack of updates on the Blog lately but more important things have been happening in Turkey with the Protests against the Government. Oz Kanka always told me not to discuss politics on the Blog or our Twitter page. Until now i have avoided discussing it but it is important that i send my support to the protestors in their fight for their freedom. Turkey is my favourite country and i hate to see it torn apart by politicians who wont listen to its people. The great man Kemal Mustafa Ataturk would be turning in his grave.

Anyway moving on from Politics and a couple of updates on Ankaragucu itself. Umut Nayir, Bilal Gundogdu and Artun Kutukcu have all agreed new contracts with the club and will be part of the first team in the coming season. The club have also announced former captain Hayati Yoldas as the teams new Manager replacing Mustafa Kaplan who left by mutual agreement a couple of weeks ago. Indeed Kaplan is set to become new coach of Hacetepe who are the B team of Genclerbirligi. A very strange move for Kaplan who many thought would take control of a PTT Lig team or Super Lig team.


  1. Yes, wise words from Oz Kanka concerning what we should be talking about on this Blog. Anyway, the subject is well covered on Facebook and Twitter, so anything further here would be over-kill.

    Look forward to Maniac Kanka Harun giving an assessment of the qualities of Hayati Yoldas as a player, and if he considers him a good appointment as Ankaragucu Coach.

    btw Nadeem, hope you had a good holiday in Side and were able to do your 10 mile runs along the beach every day after breakfast ??!!

  2. We had a great time Jim but there was no 10 mile runs along the beach, far to hot plus i couldnt run that long lol.

    I even managed to save some spending money and put it in the Ankara fun for a game this season :-)

  3. We await the return of Nadeem (the Prodigal Son) to Ankara with impatience !!!

  4. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Hope you are all well in Ankara and hopefully a resolution to the current situation can be found to the satisfaction of all concerned (easier said than done I know)
    I guess next season in the third tier will be a real step into the unknown.And I guess Genclerbirligi will keep on keeping on as they seem to do every year.Good luck to both teams for next season.
    I will be in Didim again in August for our holidays.

    Take care,
    Dublin Neil.

  5. Rest assured that we Ankaragucu Kankas will do our best to bring some good news to this site this season Neil, and hopefully, a quick return to the PTT League for Ankaragucu.

    As for our long awaited meeting ....... aaaargh .... it seems that we are destined not to cross paths again this year.

    I'll be in Bodrum from 22 to 30 July.

    Shall I say ... again ..... maybe next year ??!!

  6. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Good things come to those who wait Jim......!

    Dublin Neil.