Friday, June 20, 2014

Is the end nearing for Ankaragucu?

Time is running our for one of Turkeys oldest and most important clubs as they face a race against time in their fight fur survival. Today the board of directors have called for a General Assembly to be held on the 3rd of August.

The clubs directors confirmed due to the large debts and being unable to continue without the required income has led to todays decision. The club this week held talks with members of Ankara municipal asking for help, and its also believed they will have discussions with Melih Gokcek.

Unfortunately it looks like either the end of the road for Ankaragucu or Melih Gokcek will merge the club with Ankaraspor with this being his plan all along using his friend Mehmet Yiginer to gain control of the club.

There doesn't look to be any light at the end of the tunnel this time :-(


  1. I know lots of the kankas disagree with my stance on this subject. But, I can't bear the thought of the name 'Ankaragucu' disappearing in the same way as some of the Clubs in my country. Third Lanark and Clydebank to name but two.

    I know the Gokceks made a horlicks of the Club 3 years ago and are still not forgiven by the majority of the supporters. However, (there's Eski's favourite word again !!)....... however, let he who is without sin cast the first stone !!!

    If IMG is our only hope to keep the name 'Ankaragucu' then I'm with him. He can call the Club Ankaragucu AS or MKE Ankaragucu AS just as long as the name Ankaragucu lives on.

    I know some of you will castigate me for my opinion, but I would rather see the Club survive than turn our back on IMG and the Club disappear into history.

    Long live Ankaragucu !!!

  2. Never ever will i follow The Gokceks. The only way that i will accept it is if its the current Ankaragucu team and he decides to do the right thing and clear the debt he left. If he just changes Ankaraspor name to Ankaragucu he can fuck right off as Ankaragucu will be dead.

    It would be like you having a dog called Bob, that dog dying and you taking your neighbours dog and calling it Bob and thinking its the same dog.

  3. I think I am pretty damn good at stirring up hornets nests !!!

    However, (there's that word again !), I stand by my original comments.

    btw, I hope poor wee Bob is making a recovery and he's no deid yet ??!!