Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sir Eski ventures into the unknown


  1. Did you see the altar where High Priest Chav-Chav sacrifices young Ghanaians as an offering to the Gencler?

  2. A truly intimidating place to be for an Ankaragucu Fanatik !!! I was tempted on a few occasions to hop over the fence to the Blue and Yellow bit of the place !!!

    On a serious note ...... we were celebrating the wedding of one of the original kankas ....... Marash Kanka ........ otherwise known as Hakan Ozdemir who was married to the beautiful Gulcin.

    On behalf of all the kankas we wish them a long and happy married life together.

    btw, Spine ....... thankfully Chav Chav, or is it ......Cav Cav .... wasn't in attendance last night !!!

    1. Is that Ankara Jim, looks a bit gloomy.

      I thought you might have made it to Brazil to watch the 3 Lions!!