Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ankaragucu appoint Mustafa Kaplan as manager !

Thats right Kankas !!! Mustafa Kaplan is coming home !!

Ankaragucu tonight appointed Mustafa Kaplan as manager after the resignation of Muammer Ozdemir earlier in the day. The Ankaragucu management didn't waste anytime in finding their man and held talks with Kaplan tonight. Kaplan said 'i am very happy to be returning home'.

It will be the second stint at Ankaragucu for the new coach having previously managed the club in the PTT Lig. Although the club were relegated Kaplan won many admirers for the style of football the team played and bringing the best out of the youth players as Ankaragucu had to rely solely on the youth team that season.

He also won promotion with Haceteppe last season to Lig 2 and was rewarded with the vacant managers job at Genclerbirligi. Strangely that only lasted 2 games having lost and drawn his opening 2 games.

With all the doom and gloom news surrounding the club this is certainly some welcome news for the fans. Having said that Ali Imdat leader of the Gecekondu group has tonight asked Mehmet Yiginer to resign from the club after last nights clashes with fellow fans.


  1. Yes Nadeem. An astute piece of business in bringing Mustafa Bey back to the Club.

    However, not so good to hear that the revolt is growing against Mehmet Bey. Both sides need to stand back now and exercise patience at this crucial time. Mehmet Bey has the interests of the Club at heart and Gecikondu in particular should bear in mind what he has done for the Club.

    I call on Gecikondu and Sol Kapali to put aside their feelings and use their energy to get behind our new Coach and the Team !!! The players need to feel positive vibes from supporters during a match so that they can concentrate on football and not have to listen to anger being shouted across the Stadium in the direction of Protokol in Kapali !

  2. Thanks for the article, Nadeem. And thanks, Eski, for a great first comment on which I in turn would like to comment on.

    "Both sides need to stand back now and exercise patience at this crucial time."

    Unfortunately patience is perhaps the trait most lacking in Turkey--following that of trust. Hence the revolving door of managers.

    "Mehmet Bey has the interests of the Club at heart"

    And we know this how? I don't think we should forget who his buddy is. I'll admit that Yiğiner has done some good things for the club, but I don't necessarily trust his motives nor his willingness to stick by the club and the fans through thick and thin. Only time will tell though.

    An important point in Eski's final paragraph about unity and a positive attitude. Our players need to be able to concentrate on the task at hand: winning and getting us promoted. Hopefully Yiğiner and the tribune leaders can put aside their differences so that Kaplan and his squad can get on with achieving this task.

  3. I'm delighted with the appointment of Kaplan, unfortunately yet again though he won't be able to bring new players in.

    In regards to Yiğiner, I don't think the fans will ever trust him due to his friendship with Yiğiner. He has done some good things but he's making a big mistake fighting with sol Kapali and GECEKONDU.

    Ticket prices although still good are stupid, it's better having 15,000-20,000 fans at the games paying a bit lower than 3,000 paying a higher amount

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  5. This dude really needs to open his horizons up a bit. As far as I can see. Kaplan has coached Gencler three times and Gucu twice as coach, more as deputy coach. Plus a stint at Hacettepe. He's in danger of becoming part of the furniture in Ankara. They should name a metro line after him. A short metro line.

    Record as coach:

  6. Sorry. That looks a little grumpy. I wish him well at Ankaragucu and felt he was badly treated by Gencler. Forza Mustafa Kaplan!

    But his career looks bad for Ankara football in general, doesn't it? Everything in the city seems to be run by a little group of people who swap jobs and roles every few years. There's no new blood. No new ideas. No real competition or novelty.

    Monday morning. Apologies.

  7. Ranting away this morning, I will close with this exquisite line from MK's Turkish Wikipedia entry on his playing career:

    "Ağırlıklı olarak İç Anadolu Bölgesi'nin ekiplerinde oynadı."

    It seems he roamed as far as Kirsehir.

  8. Keep talking Spine. You brought lottsa smiles to my face this morning with your 'Oz Kanka Rant' and then watered it down with a piece of Spine humour !!!

    btw, your points about Kirsehir Kaplan are well taken, however (there's Eski's fav word again !!!), the state Ankaragucu is in at the moment we will accept any crumb of comfort, and we all believe that Mustafa Bey can do a job for Ankaragucu.

    Whether it's getting them back into the PTT League remains to be seen, but I believe he will do his utmost with the players he has available, not to mention the financial straightjacket he has to bear.

  9. I'm delighted Kaplan is back. The football wel played under him was the best since I've supported the team and all the players loved him.

    But spine has a point about managers who go back to clubs in Ankara, it's all just so lazy and it's like they need to do favours for friends.