Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blocked widgets on the right

I've just discovered that the two league tables on the right are in fact blocked in Yeni Turkiye. These are automatically updated tables of both the Super League and League 2.

For those who have only ever seen "404 Not Found" messages on the right, you are missing out on not just the tables but also dates and times of upcoming matches and the results of previous matches.

These tables are provided by Soccerway Click on that link and if you are in Turkey you will get the following message: 

(After technical analysis and legal consideration based on Law Nr. 5651, ADMINISTRATION MEASURE has been taken for this website ( ( according to Decision Nr. 421.02.01.2008-321210 dated 26/12/2008 of Presidency of the Telecommunication and Communication)

That is as clear as mud.

It is probably banned in Turkey because it takes adverts for betting companies, but I prefer to think it is part of the government's measures to destroy football in Turkey.

My suggestion as to how to get around this. Use Tor or get yourself a VPN.


  1. Yes, deffo the betting ads. The site has been blocked in Turkey for the better part of five years already. Another footie site named has been blocked for a similar amount of time also due to betting ads. Yet access to Turkish websites such as and is perfectly fine... ah the hypocrisy :-/

  2. Open DNS settings work for me in Turkey. Easier fix than TOR or VPN.