Saturday, January 31, 2015

My part in South Korea's downfall

The bloke on the left has just scored the winning goal in extra time to land Australia the Asian Cup.


  1. As soon as I found out who scored the winner I came here to check the blog. Being sure there must be some connection between the ankara football and Australia's win.

  2. Well done James. He kept his cool and made sure it went between the sticks and not over. Also, a great piece of persistence from Lukic with the assist.

    btw, I was laughing when the commentator was giving some background on James with his previous clubs. He obviously was too chicken to try and pronounce 'Genclerbirligi' and so just said that he played for a club in Turkey !

  3. It was Juric with the assist. And you are right Jimbo, it was an amazing assist. Most players would have stayed on the ground after being pushed over... twice!

    The failure of the Eurosport commentators to have a go at pronouncing Gencler was completely understandable. It reminded me of this line from a Guardian Minute-by-minute report from 12 years ago:

    "Can you enlighten me on how the name of the team Genclerbirligi are playing is pronounced?" asks Mark Judd. Yes, it is pronounced Blackburn (as in Tony) and Rovers (as in Return).