Friday, June 05, 2015

Bursa Woes

Fellaini Kanka and Cider Kanka made it to Bursaspor's Turkish Cup final match on Wednesday in Bursa... 
Along with some Ankara-based economic migrants from Bursa

And, though there wasn't a huge Ankaragücü contingent there, a lot of the locals had Ankaragücü scarves or kit, and many of our present and former players came to the match to support our sister club.

Not that they needed outside support - the whole city of Bursa was out in green and white in support of their team, including most of the cashiers and attendants in the shops. Spotted by some of the hospitable locals in our Ankaragücü gear, we were plied with drink and questions about how our season had gone.

From our perch behind the Bursa goal, it looked like Bursa played a blinder, as well. They managed the impressive feat of making the Galatasaray midfield look lacking, playing a smooth passing game and setting up a string of shots on goal. When Bursa got a penalty in the Galatasaray box and went 1-0 up, the crowd was understandably delighted, but not so surprised.

And yet, we watched as all those beautifully set-up shots went to waste. Galatasaray won 3-2, clawing back the goals and gradually taking over the game (even if Bursa kept in it to the end).

This was all played in Dartmoor-like conditions as a considerable arsenal of flashbangs and fireworks smuggled in by both teams' supporters left misty smoke all over the pitch.

Our hosts were less than pleased, and in place of the hours of celebrating we had anticipated, we ended up drowning our sorrows in a terrace bar, watching some of the Teksas youth members running around with knives the size of their forearms.

Over drinks, Fellaini Kanka asked me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ramzan Kadyrov?" and I had to admit that they hadn't. In the midst of the thick cloud of disappointment that descended over the entire city and the heavy purgatory rain that followed, it seemed a slightly more relevant question.

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  1. Great report from the ex-Cider Kanka John and now to be christened ............. Ramzan Kanka in view of his likeness to that famous man (didn't he used to play for Hibernian ??!!).

    Yes, Bursa banged away at the door, but due to poor finishing, were unable to put pressure on Galatasaray's fragile defence.

    Also, they were guilty of neglecting to pick up Burak for Galatasaray's 2nd goal when he was allowed a free header at the back post.

    Like Ankaragucu, they will live to fight another day !!

    Anyway, it was another adventurous 'away day' for the kankas with hopefully more to come next season.