Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scot Stuart Baxter to manage Gencler

Gencler have signed former Preston North End midfielder Stuart Baxter as their coach for next season, the first Brit ever to manage the Ankara side.

Baxter brings a wealth of international experience of coaching at a club and national level from Scandinavia to South Africa. You're spoiling us, Mr. Cavcav.

If he's reading this blog as part of his research, we wish him the very best of luck. And if he's not.

But he will be, if he isn't already.


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  2. I saw this news in The Hurriyet a few days ago, and I have to confess that my reaction was ................ Stuart Who ??!!!

    However, hope it works out and that Oz Kanka can arrange an interview with him sometime convenient in the future !