Sunday, September 13, 2015

And you reckon Fifa 16's graphics are looking good

Thanks to a terrible refereeing decision Gencler were robbed. Morally, it was a draw.

Bursaspor 3 - 2 Genclerbirligi

Tufan is a gate guard at the British Embassy. He was there at the Red Lion to watch yesterday's match. For those who never realised, it was very clear that he was a Gencler supporter when we asked him what his predicition for the match was. "sıfır, sıfır" was his reply.

Decent beers, summer sun and footy on the big screen at the club and all was good. The match was Mehmet Ozdelik's first in charge and was also the first match was Djalma.

Bursa looked dangerous at first, our defence is still woeful, but they couldn't get any shots on. Our midfield was looking good with some absolute brilliant passing and some long balls that were delivered to players actually running into excellent positions. Unfortunately almost none of the ecellent build-up work resulted in anything to trouble the keeper.

Still, I thought we were on top. New bou Djalma was playing some really nice stuff and then...
Yep, penalty decision given, taken and first half over.

 It was all a bit of a haze in the second half, partly out of frustration and partly because the St. Austell beers. Again we were doing some nice stuff but nothing too penetrating. Then Bursa started to play some nice football and our defenders melted away. Bursa's second goal was a mixture of good attack, bad defence and ended with our keeper Hopf letting the ball slip through his hands. Oh dear. On Twitter a few Gencler fans were remarking that maybe Stuart Baxter and his son were right. Baxter had been sacked after two matches for not preferring Ferhat in goal to Hopf.

 Our boys continued trying though and in the 57th we got one back. Irfan Kahveci sent a flat pass across goal. I'm not sure if Djuma got to it but the man on him did and he all he could do was to push it over the line. Back in.

Bursa came back again though and, again some woeful defending allowed one of their players to take an angled shot. It bounced off the post, into Hopf's back and then into the goal. Arrgggghhhhh
We kept playing on and El Kabir scored right at the death but it was all to no avail. Next week we have Besiktas at home. Not the easiest of tasks.


  1. Bloody Hell, that's amazing. I watched it for hours.

  2. Bloody Hell, that's amazing. I watched it for hours.

  3. I'm still watching it.

  4. I think I ought to get into graphic design.

  5. I can't believe that the ref called a penalty. He tripped over his own feet !!!

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  7. The graphic is genius, it is strangely hypnotizing

  8. I am still watching it