Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stick to the football

This blog has always had a policy of never mixing sports and politics. This is a football blog in which everything is about the round ball. It is about the skills, the moves, the goals, all the things that make football great.

Actually, this blog is more about the politics than it is about the football. 

It is about the politics of the clubs we support - just take a look at all of the great reports by Nadeem on the Ankaragucu administration. 

It is about reporting on the politics of the stands - just take a look at practically any Genclerbirligi report.

It is about the politics of football in general - just look at our reports on Passolig or Digiturk or whatever...

But all that football politics, stuff which I'm truly engaged in and am prepared to argue about like hell... it all pales into insignificance when we see what is happening today in Turkey. 

All of you reading this know what is happening at the moment. You all know just how scary the situation is. I just want to share one photo (click on it for a larger version) and one link to our report from December last year when Genclerbirligi played away to Cizrespor. 

As it should be
Tonight as I write this the 120,000 people of Cizre are suffering their seventh day of being under seige. I guess the only thing I can say is "gecmis olsun". Pathetic, isn't it.

For those who would like a report on the situation in Cizre check out the latest BBC report 

According to this Vice news report the siege may be over

I truly, truly hope so.

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  1. Oz Kanka's mother said it all on fb when she said ..... 'I feel for all those people'.

    Let's hope the Army/Police see sense and stop this 'siege drama'. This is a Turkish town and not another castle to be conquered by Alexander the Great or Julius Ceasar !!!