Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rubbish all round

A cold day is always a good day to go for a walk and so Spine and me walked down to Kizilay, had a refreshment stop, and then on to the stadium where we met a frozen Alex.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 1 Sivasspor

Passolig has truly killed the crowds in Ankara. There was hardly anyone at the match. Those few of us there hardly made any noise during the first half thanks to the cold and the absolute dross being played by Gencler.

It wasn't as if Sivas were playing great stuff... but, but, but....

We went behind after a nicely taken header. Half time and many long faces amongst us Gencler fans.

Second half and our Nordic players were taken off and clearly the coach had had a sharp word. This half we went on the attack but a million times too many we went high when we should have tried to penetrate. Sivas played with all their men behind the ball and they were able to easily head away our attacks.

Frustration all round.

That was Sivas' second win of the season, their first away. We are now truly in a relegation fight.

God help us next week when we play Fenerbahce. We are now truly in a relegation fight.

EDIT: By the way. I forgot to mention that we didn't have a single shot on goal. Not a single shot on goal.... asdfgghhjk

EDIT 2: Dan the Man has just reported below the line that Gencler coach Mehmet Ozdelik has been sacked. Am I being too optimistic to think that Cavcav has a brilliant new coach lined up? It is a cynical rhetorical question so don't bother answering.


  1. Genclerbirligi need to toughen up physically and mentally. At the moment they look like they couldn't fight their way out of a nursing home.

  2. At least Gencler hasn't lost in the last minute of added time.
    On a different note (positive/negative - you decide) - Gencler's manager Ozdilek - sacked.

  3. Not so much a 'rant' from Oz Kanka but ........ grim reading !

  4. A new coach will at least bring different ideas and tactics. Ozdilek's problem was he had no mid-match plan B, other than 'lump it up the physically dominated forwards'