Monday, December 07, 2015

Yet another collapse for Gencler

"Gencler need to petition to for 75-minute matches," Alex texted me after yesterdays defeat. He's not half-wrong.

Istanbul Basaksehirspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi

I couldn't get out yesterday afternoon and so I was playing Grand Theft Auto and had the match on the radio. I crashed my car quite a few times.

According to the radio announcer (in fact everything here is from the radio announcer), Gencler had about 10 fans and Basaksehir 100. Must have been an amazing atmosphere.

Basaksehir had a 99 percent shot on goal. Missed. Then they should have had a penalty. Wasn't given.

Then it was all boredom for a while with no one stringing any passes together. Then in the 30th Djalma had a go, off the crossbar and bounced. Did it cross the line. No says the 13th official. First half ended 0 - 0 and I sought of drifted off a bit.

Then was jolted back into the game in the 78th when Basaksehir went ahead. Oh God. Then a few minutes later they went ahead 2 - 0.



  1. Two consecutive home games for Gencler. Santa needs to deliver points

  2. Ohhh. Sivas at home, then Fenerbahce and then Eskisehir away for the final match of the first half of the season.

  3. The Ankaragucu Kankas watched the Gencler match in The Chopin Bar, but to be honest, we were too interested in our Efes to make reasoned comments !!!

    However, I did see a replay of Basak's 2nd goal, and ....... it was a cracker !

    btw, Sivas might be a difficult match, but ....... Fener....spit....bahce will be eeeeezy !!!!!