Monday, January 18, 2016

SHOCK: Gencler pull off an away win!

The above Instagram posting was from Selcuk Sahin, one of our new players who had a pretty decent match on Sunday. It sort of translates as follows:

A difficult away match and an important 3 points. Every match is difficult, every match is a final. My first at my new team was a win but it was also great fun. To everyone: "health to your feet". There are still many more points that we will win. Carry on friends. #kirmizikara #genclerbirligi 

Rizespor 2 - 3 Genclerbirligi

I had a bit of work to do down at the Red Lion Club but was constantly being distracted by the football. The first minute, I was pretty happy. Next 10 minutes not so much. Rize put on an amazing amount of pressure and it wasn't a surprise when they went one up. I just don't think our defenders were getting back fast enough.

Oh well, it was while later and Gencler started to look the better team. Another one of our new guys Hleb (yes, the same Hleb that we got rid of six months ago) was controlling things nicely in midfield and feeding our attacks. He had nothing to do with our first goal though. It was a brilliant pass from Ugur Ciftci to Stancu who controlled it magnificently and took a brilliant shot. Oh, how lovely it is to write such sentences after such the enormous drought we have endured.

Then a bit later we went ahead when Ahmet Hakan was the last to get his head on the ball. Thing was, everyone was going for goals and we were unlucky on a number of occassions. It was wonderful to watch.

Second half and controvery as Rize were awarded a penalty. It shouldn't have been one (he dived) but it would have been difficult to see. Hopf had no chance to save it.

Counting down towards the draw and Campos had the ball on the half-way line on the right wing. Two defenders come at him, he gets through both, dribbles towards the right-hand goal post, past another guy, shoots through the keeper's legs and goalllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, right at the death. Four minutes into added time and Rize hit the post... Phew.

As Selcuk Sahin said: Carry on friends.


  1. Gencler ......... clap clap clap ......... Gencler ........ clap clap clap !!!!

    Turning the corner ???

  2. Brilliant game and result. Hleb is a quality addition. His close control, use of space and passing is as good as any player in the league.