Friday, May 20, 2016

No one can stop us from coming ninth! Oh... yes they can

The last match of the season and the TFF put it on a Thursday night. Not surprisingly, bugger all Genclerbirligi fans showed up. Our team did though and despite at least a bit of spirit, Eskisehirspor were outclassed. In order to stay in the Super Lig they needed a win and a whole heap of other results to go their way. None of it happened.,

Genclerbirligi 3 - 1 Eskisehirspor

Just me for pre-match drinks last night. Didn't matter, I had my Efes. About to get into the stadium I realised I still had my darts in my coat pocket from the night before. Asked the taxi stand if they could look after them but they merely looked at me like I was a terrorist. Luckily one of the Alkaralar fans was passing by and he put them in his car.

As we were walking toward the stadium we could hear the fans... what? Despite their hopeless situation a large crowd of Eskisehirspor fans made the away trip. They sang for the entire match, were not intimidated when the police kettled them in, and kept on singing well after they had lost and been relegated. A fine show and all respect to them.

As for the match... we started well and Ahmet Celik was the first to get on the scoreboard after just a few minutes. We had a free-kick, Calik got to it and shot from close range. The keeper and defenders couldn't stop it. I thought it might have been an own-goal, but the announcer said it was Calik's.

Ahmet Oguz on the right then a few brilliant crosses in, at least two of which should have resulted in goals... but Stancu seems to be a bit out of form recently. In the end Oguz decided to bugger sending a cross in and instead took a shot from outside the box. In. Apparently it was his first ever goal for Gencler. Well done sir!

Gencler then went to sleep for a bloody long time. And in that time Eskisehir got one back. They continued to attack as well. This didn't look like a team that deserved to be relegated.

It didn't matter in the end as Hakan Aslantas got a ball to Stancu who seemed to be on the right wing. He got past his defender and sent a flat ball across the face of the goal where Campos a full pelt smashed it in. A great goal. Did I say that Stancu was out of form?

And that was that. The season is over and Gencler have succeeded in keeping up their mediocre standing in the Lig. Let's just have a look at the last five years.

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  1. Let's hope they make it to 8th next season and then we can celebrate. After all, as a supporter of Ankaragucu, we have forgotten the meaning of that word 'celebrate' !!!