Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ankaragucu part ways with Ismet Tasdemir!

Ankaragucu last night parted ways with Manager Ismet Tasdemir in a move that has raised concerns over the financial situation at the club. The news was announced yesterday with the club stating they are disappointed with the decision and said it's a hasty move by Ismet who has just guided the club to the Lig 2 championship. Ismet didn't give specific reasons as to why he left but it's believed to be due to financial reasons as he hadn't been paid in 5 months.

The decision has been received with mixed emotions from the Ankaragucu fans. Some are disappointed to see him go, especially after a successful season, but others are happy with the decision as they questioned his decision making and tactics believing he made hard work of the Lig 2 championship.

Certainly from me and most at the Round Ball in Ankara he can go with his head held high and we would like to thank him for all his efforts and wish him good luck in the future.

In other news today, Mehmet Yiginer has stated he wants Melih Gokcek to forget the past and come back and help Ankaragucu in their bid to get back to the Turkish Super Lig. We await the outcome of the latest episode of the Ankaragucu circus!!


  1. Well said Nadeem. Most level headed supporters will thank Ismet Bey for taking us out of the effin 2nd league and back into the PTT League. Sure, he made some errors of judgement along the way this season, most notably the exclusion of Enes and Harun in the starting line up on many occasions. However, the bottom line is that he did the biz.

    Now to move on with a new manager who will probably be revealed sooooooon. In the meantime, Mehmet Bey must continue to work towards making the Club's financial situation viable and to strengthen the team for the new season against higher opposition than hitherto.

    We have to consolidate in the PTT League and aim to make a push for a return to the Super League ASAP !!!!!

  2. I'm disgusted at the treatment towards Ismet from the management. In his interview yesterday he stated that no one from the management team have spoken to him in the last 25 days. He also claims that the players haven't been paid in 5 months and he hasn't been paid either. The club also tried to make him use unothorised agents to bring in players and that the financial situation at the club is very bad. Worrying times ahead

  3. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I definitely agree that Worrying times ahead unless a miracle happens.
    It is very commonly said that AG management has decided not to continue with İ.Tasdemir either he succeeded or not due to his approach particularly in financial issues.
    They say that all the clubs in Turkish football ligs including super lig none of the clubs make the payments on time except a few and the AG players training boycott at the end of the 1 st session of the lig is believed because of İ.T. Volkan

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