Saturday, May 06, 2017

How the hell did we manage to lose that!

99.0 percent possession. A dozen shots on goal and still nothing!

Genclerbirligi 0 - 1 Adanaspor

I wasn't even thinking of going to this one but then got a message from Spine... "er okay. See you at the Alerta".

I do like the Alerta Bar, early on a Saturday afternoon, Spanish, English and U17 Euro Cup matches on the telly and talk about how rubbish Genclerbirligi are this season. Berat and his son, Spine and Bernard and Little Oz Kanka and me made up the crowd and Dan the Man and his boy joined us at the stadium. With just a few more paragraphs (slight exaggeration) I could name the rest of the crowd at the 19 Mayis.

Proof that we were at the match.
R - L Oz Kanka, Bernard, Spine and Little Oz Kanka
Word was that today we were going to play a few players who don't normally get a run. Makes sense. Nothing to play for and the season almost over. So we had Skekic, Milankovic and Velikonjia on.

Things weren't that great and Adana scored with a header from a corner. Heads in hands.

The new players experiment wasn't working at all. Skekic was replaced early on for general uselessness. Milankovic was definitely better but had already received one yellow for a very vicious tackle and looked like he was going to pick up another any minute.

Things seemed to come together and we started to completely dominate play but we couldn't find the back of the net. We had umpteen shots on goal but the Adana keeper was either lucky or just in the right spot.

Down at halftime but we came out with purpose in the second and again got a whole heap of shots off. Then Umit Ozat decided to take off Velikonjia and bring on Ring. this was a decision that baffled most of the fans. Just a minute or two later Ring was put into a one-on-one situation and couldn't even get a shot off.


Frustration was now at stratospheric levels and some of the Alkaralar crowd started shouting for Umit Ozat to resign. The boys in the middle of the stand started to shout their support for the coach. There was then a massive brawl between the fans (Sorry, thought I was at an Ankaragucu match for a minute ;) ) Nothing of course happened.

And that was that. A very frustrating match but at the same time very entertaining. At the same time though, if we had something to play for I can guarantee that thing post would have been one bloody huge rant.


  1. Yessssssssssssssss .......... that's more like the Oz Kanka we all know and love. Perhaps not one of his best rants, but a rant nevertheless and great to have him back in the rant mode !!!!

  2. Watched the highlights and couldn't believe you guys never won that and also how small the crowd was. Must have been about 100 people there

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