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Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


I’m beginning to sound like a stuck gramophone record saying the same thing week in and week out for Ankaragucu (and Genclerbirligi) matches recently   !!!


It is quite obvious that the team is not fully equipped for life in the Super League, especially up front, when as we all know, the round thingie must be put between the sticks, and not over the bar or past the uprights  !!    I don’t want to start naming names, but I’m sure most of you know the culprits  ??!!


Basaksehir is the only undefeated team in the Super League and sit on top of the league, so on paper, they were favourites to take all 3 points, BUT, it could have been so different if Ankaragucu had the players up front to take advantage of all the cross balls played into the box by the midfield, especially by my Man of the Match, Oguz.


Scoring the equaliser at the start of the 2nd half should have been the signal for Ankaragucu to find the winner, but as I said, they don’t have a predatory striker and that is a glaring deficiency which Omer Bey must rectify ASAP.      Failure to do so and there is little likelihood of Ankaragucu escaping from the relegation zone   !


ANKARAGUCU            1                      Istanbul Basaksehir             2


Team – Gokhan, Oguz, Uros, Nihad, Yasin, Taylan, Tolga, Emre, Pedrinho, Giorgi and Ali Sowe


Substitutes -  Atakan, Jese, Frederico, Ariyibi and Zahid


Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I went to The Eryaman Stadium and met 3 ‘honourary kankas’.      Yasar, his wife Karen and son Kursat.


We had barely settled down to enjoy the match when Basak took the lead in the 2nd minute .......aaaaargh............ and what a disaster for the Ankaragucu defence with ‘schoolboy basic mistakes’.       It really was a comedy of errors outside the box in the centre to clear the ball but instead it was sent to Okaka who probably couldn’t believe his luck.     He surged forward unchallenged and sent the ball inside the left post to stun the team ........... and us long suffering supporters   !


Ankaragucu didn’t heed the wake up call.     They continued to be caught in possession and guilty of being split seconds behind in 50/50 balls   !


Ankaragucu fashioned their 1st real attack of the match on the half hour mark when after good work by Oguz on the right, he sent over an inviting ball to the centre but Ali Sowe contrived to send the ball past the right post.


I should also mention Ankaragucu’s wasted opportunities at corners in the 1st half.   2 short corners were both wasted as they lost possession with their dithering............. for short corners there should be a plan ........... shouldn’t there   ??!!     2 more corners were wasted when the ball was sent to the near post when most of the Ankaragucu attackers were at the back post   !!!


The 2nd half was only 5 minutes old when Ankaragucu was thrown a lifeline   !        A break on the right and the cross was sent in to Emre in the centre.    However, before he could attack the ball he was flattened by a Basak defender.     The referee pointed immediately to the spot.     Up stepped Tolga to send his shot inside the left post and raise the volume of the supporters in all the tribunes.


The search for the winner didn’t materialise and it was Basak who looked the likelier to score and so that’s what happened with 10 minutes to go.       I have to be honest here and admit to checking details of The Mighty Hibernian’s great victory against Ross County, so I didn’t see the winning goal.     Neither did Damon and Yasar, but Karen did, and she said it was a long range shot from outside the box by Turuc which sailed past Gokhan for the winning goal.    Perhaps Nadeem can give more details in the comments section of this report   ??!!


So, that leaves Ankaragucu stuck in 4th bottom position in the league, but it may not be a hopeless situation with mid-table security still in sight.    


Ankaragucu will be away next Saturday against fellow strugglers Istanbulspor and a win there would see Ankaragucu claw their way out of the relegation zone.     However, it’s a big ask based on last night’s performance, but who knows what will happen if Omer Bey can instil some fire up front and a 90 plus minutes performance   !!


As always, watch this space for the outcome   !


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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