Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is Bakkal too agressive?

I'm not sure if this is all a beat up by the media but Hurriyet's Ankara section today ran a story with the headline "Bestepe'de Bakkal Krizi" or "Coach Bakkal Crisis at Bestepe (the Gencler training facilities)".

Apparently the other day after the 0-1 loss away to Galatasaray our chairman Ilhan Cavcav said something like "You are shouting too much at the players. You are very aggressive. You may destroy the confidence of our young players. Be more careful".

The paper goes on to say there has been a significant cooling of relations between Cavcav and Bakkal.

Cavcav has since gone on the record saying that he won't be sacking Bakkal and that he can stay at the club as long as he likes. I'm not really sure what is going on.

But I was wondering if Bakkal has been taken a leaf out of the book written by former Leyton Orient manager John Sitton. Have a look at this video of Sitton's attempts to gee up his players at half time. (warning lots of swearing).


  1. What the bloody hell does CavCav know about coaching a footie team ? He's talking out of his arse as usual.

    Directors should keep their opinions about their coaches for the Directors Room and not the Press Room !!

    Footie is all about controlled aggression and it is part of the coach's task to channel that aggression during the match if he thinks it is necessary.

    Just watch Hikmet Karaman on the touch line next time you are at an ANKARAGUCU match and you will see aggression !!!

    By the way, the Leyton Orient coach should NOT have allowed his half time `talk` to be recorded !! Or at least, he should have controlled his language !!!

  2. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Dear Oz Kanka,
    What did I tell you about Mr.CavCav!...he wants to rule the coaches ..that's why he will not have top coach,coaching his team...Everyone know that he runs the show!....That is one of the reason Giray hoca won't put up with that!....
    ohhh, Oz Kanka, As I predicted, my friend, Ceyhun, scored goal and they beat Genclerbirligi.... Oz Kanka, tellme !...which team you like better?...I think, Ankaragucu!....

  3. I think I have made it clear that I'm not Mr. Cavcav's biggest fan. Ever since the events of last year when he attempted to sack Zagreb Kanka's friend Hasan Cetinkaya.

    As for my favourite team... I might go along to a few Ankaragucu matches but my heart is still with Gencler

  4. Anonymous12:58 am

    wow that man thinks its a boxing match or something ..

  5. Did anyone actually watch the video?

  6. Anonymous3:59 am


  7. Well..... nobody can accuse the Leyton Orient coach for lacking passion and a will to win !!!