Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

All us ANKARAGUCU kankas and kankies would like to take this opportunity to extend Christmas greetings to all you luvvlie Gencler kankas and kankies this 25 December.

As a small token of our affection for you all we would like to remind you of some important dates in history...........

8 August 1937 - ANKARAGUCU 8 Gencler 0
20 October 1943 - ANKARAGUCU 5 Gencler 1
22 February 1953 - ANKARAGUCU 7 Gencler 3
5 September 1965 - ANKARAGUCU 5 Gencler 1
10 February 1991 - ANKARAGUCU 7 Gencler 2

Now, go on......... admit it..... you love us even more than before .... don't you ???!!!

Long may our friendship continue.

Happy New Year (2007) to all kankas, kankies, and visitors to our world famous Blog.

All the best from High in Spirits, Eski Kanka Jim

PS.... for Oz Kanka in particular...... I was NOT born before some of the above matches, so....... no derogatory remarks about my age please !!!


  1. Hee hee hee ho ho ho tittir tittir tittir ........

    Any more comments ????

  2. we are the best team of the ankara!allways allaround!

  3. Gimme the Turkish small arms manufacturer as the sponsor, and I'll beat you 8-0.

  4. We don't need the weapons from our small arms sponsor.

    Why bother when we have doner knives which are much more effective ??!!!


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