Sunday, December 03, 2006

The things you can do at a Premiership ground these days...

Just saw this article by Paul Wilson in today's Observer and just had to nick it and put it here:

Say what you like about the lack of atmosphere at some modern stadiums, there is no doubt that present-day facilities offer football supporters opportunities that previous generations packed upright on the terraces could only dream about.

A couple were ejected from a Premiership ground last month for having sex in the disabled toilet. Stewards were alerted when spectators complained the door had been locked for half an hour - clearly not a case of premature ejection - and there was a suspicious amount of noise coming from inside.

Completely unabashed at being discovered, the couple accepted their punishment without demur, in all probability figuring they had already had more excitement than the actual game was going to offer.

Except the girl did have one last request. 'My boyfriend is still in his seat watching the match,' she explained, showing a steward her ticket number. 'Would you mind telling him you've thrown me out, otherwise he'll be wondering where I've gone.'

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  1. Probably happened at a Charlton v Watford zzzzz... boring... match me thinks !!

    It certainly wouldn't have occurred in the 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara as all those who have visited the toilets will testify !!!