Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cheers Father Christmas

Genclerbirligi 1 - Antalya 0

I managed to miss my first home match of the season today as I took Little Oz Kanka off to a Christmas party at the Red Lion Club.

Matthew received a little red car from Father Christmas while I got a 1-0 victory for Gencler.

I'm not sure how many kankas went along to the match and if you were there I wouldn't mind if you filled out some of the details missing from the report on the Milliyet newspaper website at the moment, details such as ... the second half.

But looking at Milliyet's report of the first half it looked like I made a right decision to drink beer with Father Christmas. The report has just three entries.

34th minute: Mehmet Cakir takes a freekick from outside the box and it goes out.

37th minute: Mehmet Cakir sends in a pass to Okan Ozturk who heads it straight to the keeper.

45th minute: Isaac Promise gets into the box and kicks the ball straight to the keeper.

No idea how the second half went but it seems as if Okan Ozturk scored at some stage towards the end. As I said before, if you were at the match it would be great if you could help fill in some of the details.

The win pushes us slightly higher up the table and means we finish the first half of the season in fifth place (possibly one lower depending on the results of other games). Not to bad really. While Fenerbahce are running away with the league there is still a good chance we can finish in the top three and thus earn a UEFA Cup spot for next season.

Fingers crossed.

By the way, the reason there has been no report yet on the Ankaragucu- Fenerbahce match işs because Sir Eski Kanka has been having hassles trying to post it. I'm sure he will sort this out soon.


  1. It is true that the match was visibly boring. One reason was that Antalyaspor studied their lesson well and pressed the Gencler players in the offense playmaking. There was no player in the middle of Gencler who could distribute short balls. Anyone who got the ball and tried it faced at least two Antalyaspor players. Also, they didn't only close down Isaac, but also blocked the ways he could parallel pass. Hence, the pass completion percentage might be a season low, I wouldn't get surprised to that.
    But this meant Antalya would get tired after some 60th minute. We know one of the advantages of our team is the physical fitness, and it started paying of well in the latest quarter of the match. Some papers say it's a controversial goal because Okan fouled Cordoba, this I have to on the screen. But, in the end, these three points were crucial to grab a top-5 spot.\
    Still, it is evident that we will keep missing Skoko.

  2. Thanks for filling in the gaps Ertank. And yes, we are still looking for a new Skoko. I wonder what these new Brazillian boys will be like.