Thursday, March 15, 2007

It Couldn't Last!

After seeing Pompey soar(!) to the top of the Premiership earlier in the season, we're now struggling to find the next win. In fact, only one win since Boxing Day has rather put a dampener on our European aspirations for 2007/8. Still, the fans still remain upbeat about going on a "European tour", even if it is only Skonto Riga in the opening round of the Intertoto in early July, when most people are still thinking about going on their summer hols.

I managed to get to our game against Sheffield United in January, keeping up my record of having seen at least one game a season since being in Saudi from 1989. First away game for 8 years or so too. There is a special atmosphere when you follow your team away from home, at least certainly in England there is. Everyone sings, the beer flows (calm down Eski Jim) and most of us enjoy the day out even when we lose, which we didn't in this particular case.

4 of our last 5 home games have us up against Man Utd, Newcastle, Arsenal and Liverpool; what a run-in. At least, for the first time in 4 years, we're safe from relegation this time otherwise it really would be a miracle to escape this time. Staying up also puts us in a position to grab some of the bounty from Sky for next season, somewhere in the region of £30m if I recall correctly. Perhaps 'Arry Redknapp might be able to tempt some players that are under 35 years old to our humble ground?

I'm hoping to taste some Turkish delight sometime in July of this year, since my parents dumped beautiful Ingerlund for the (only just) sunnier climes of Koycegiz - apologies for the likely spelling mistake! All being well, Ankara could be a stop on my itinerary (how are you stocked for Efes Eski Jim?).

in the meantime, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a Pompey win on Saturday away to Reading - Play Up Pompey!


  1. Never mind Darren, sounds like watching Hibs so I can sympathise. The Edinburgh Kankas will be routing for Pompey this spring.

  2. Aye, and the Ankara Kankas will be waiting to welcome Pompey Kanka to the Centre of the Universe.

    A trip to the Chopin Bar and The Red Lion Club and The Cappadokia Bar might make an appropriate apperitif and introduction to our city ??!!

    Play Up Pompey.... Pompey Play Up !!

  3. Sounds like I could be a little worse for wear! I hope your wife doesn't mind babysitting Jim!?

  4. No probs with babysitting. We always bring our babies (including Oz Kanka) to the pub !!!