Monday, March 12, 2007

Matthew becoming a Gencler star

Not that I'm a media whore or anything, well... not much anyway. I thought I should inform everyone that I shall be on Tele Lig on TRT 3 on Tuesday night.

Tele Lig is a show which according to the TRT website concentrates on football outside of the big three Istanbul teams. Zeki Col is the man in charge of the show and apparently I appeared in the broadcast which went out tonight (Sunday).

I had no idea I was being featured but was alerted to the fact by a Genclerbirligi forum member by the name of Asuman (Flying Dutchman Kanka: this was the girl we gave the lift back from the Yenikent Stadium a few weeks ago) who described the clip as "tek kelimeyle MUHTE┼×EMdi". Whatever that means.

Having said all that, I actually think the clip they showed was not of me ranting on about what an idiot Ilhan Cavcav is but was instead of young Matthew singing "kirmizi, siyah, en buyuk, Gencler". Typical, here I am an intelligent Gencler supporter with an opinion I want shared around the world and instead they go for the pretty young face.

The show starts at 11:30 pm Tuesday night (TRT 3). I'll try to see if I can get a recording and put it on here (not the whole show, just the important bits).

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  1. At this rate there is the possibility of another kanka Knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List ??!!