Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday night TV drama

Drunk Oz Kanka here.

Just a few lines on a wonderful evening of sport. Spine and French Kanka Hande popped over tonight to plonk themselves in front of the television and suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They were also here to watch some sport on the telly.

I don't want to go into the details of Turkey smashing the Greeks 4-1 but all I will say is that is was great to see, well... sort of... I had actually already figured out in my head what I was going to write here on the blog if Turkey had lost.

Unfortunately what I was going to say was extremely witty and very funny, but Turkey's performance put paid to that.

While I have nothing witty or funny to say I do want to impart to you all (all three of you) that I was extremely proud of Mrs. Oz Kanka this evening. As all of you know Mrs. Oz Kanka is a Turk and it thus impressed Spine especially, but also French Kanka Hande, that Mrs. Oz Kanka Elif kept on insisting that I change the channel every now and then to see how Australia were doing against the evil South Africans in the cricket World Cup.

Not only did she know who was winning from a quick look at the scores (for you non-cricket types, this is not an easy thing) but she was even referring to the Aussie players by their first names. The kudos I got frıom Spine for having taught my wife this was enormous. How many women in cricketing countries would be able to tell who was winning if they were told the South Africans needed 8.25 per over with 20 overs to spare and four wickets down???? Viking Kanka?

I'd forgotton of course that she had met quite a few of them a couple of years ago. Pictured below is Elif with a much younger-looking Glenn McGrath who last night took one for 62, not the best figures, but hey, it was a batsman's game.

NOTE: Elif is standing in a hole. Oh. I almost forgot, the Aussies dragged down, smashed in the face and then karate-chopped in the groin the South Africans to end up winners by 83 runs.


  1. Oooo La La......... a great photo of Mrs Oz Kanka, and.... by the way, I think she still looks as beautiful today as she was in the photo taken many moons ago ! Oh yeah, and, Glen Who ???

    On footie, and I have to say that was an impressive performance from Turkey last night.

    I haven't seen a Turkish team play with such Tigerish commitment since CimBom won the UEFA back at the beginning of the Century. Mr `the mouth` Terim's tactics me wonders ???

    We should let the Greek press have their field day with the Greek goalkeeper. Let's just say that the Turkish team well deserved their victoreee.

    Perhaps Turkey can meet up with Scotland the Brave in Switzerland and Austria in the final stages ?

    I did say....... perhaps !!!!

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