Sunday, November 25, 2007

90th minute misery

Supporting Genclerbirligi this season is a akin to going for a tandem skydive and hoping that at some stage before you hit the ground the instructor will find where the hell the cord for the parachute is. A tortured metaphor, sure, but not as torturing as it has been for us Gencler fans in the past few months.

Gaziantep 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

With the match being in Antep I had to make do with the fun of the Lig TV radio today. Half the time I have no idea what is going on but at least you get a general idea.

Gencler went ahead early on thanks to a Mehmet Cakir goal on six minutes. From then on it seems like Gaziantep were the team with the most chances, especially towards the end of the first half with Jesus in goal having to make a few saves.

Still, after all the crap we have seen this season it was nice to go into the break one up.

At half-time Lig TV radio gave out the results of lower division games in exactly to same way as the BBC does ie nice and slow, no emotion, perfect pronunciation. Apparently it is normal, well that is what Mrs. Oz Kanka told me but then somehow I doubt I can trust her on football reporting matters.

It was all quite nostalgic for me though and I was half expecting the announcer to start giving out results of teams I'd never heard of before: "Orduspor sifir - Malatyaspor iki, Stenhousemuir dort - Forfar sifir".

Second half and Aussie Nick Carle comes on for Isaac Promise. An attacking move? Not sure really. Anyway our man managed to get into a one-on-one with the keeper, left foot shot and out... the announcer saying it was a sitter.

Then Gaziantep up the tempo, shots everywhere, including a few off the posts.

Then disaster on the 76th... Antep 1 - 1 Gencler. No idea what happened.

As seems to happen quite a bit recently, Gencler come out flying after a goal is scored against us. A few good runs and shots but nothing to show for it.

Some sort of handbags incident in the 80-something minute with a bunch of yellow cards shown.

Then a scary moment as the Gaziantep players all go up and appeal for a penalty. Ref turns it down. Phew. If it had have been given it would also have resulted in Zoric bent sent off for a second yellow card... but as the radio guy said... "we will only be able to decide whether it was the right decision after watching the TV replays"

A miracle! Mehmet Nas scores in the 86th minute. We are going to win this one aren't we? Antep 1 - 2 Gencler.

And then the stake through the heart. 90th minute and Antep score. Final result 2-2.

A point away from home isn't so bad, but boy-oh-boy, we need some wins!

Next week at home against Trabzonspor. Friday 8pm KO. Hope to see some of you lot there.

PS: I think I got most of the details right but I may have made some mistakes. Unfortunately I can't check as the Anatolian news agency have yet to get their report out.

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  1. PPS.....

    The Round Ball in Ankara is the oracle and the one to check first for Ankara footie news.

    The Anatolian News Agency ?? Never heard of them !!!

    Looking forward to next week, having seen Trabzon trying to break down the Galatasaray defence tonight.... hmmm.... well, this could be Gencler's chance to start their long laborious climb back up the table me thinks ?!!