Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This is principally a site for ANKARAGUCU and Gencler footie, but I think it is time to say a few words about The Baggies as a tribute to Baggie Kanka Dave and his lovely wife Carol who were ANKARAGUCU fanatiks here a few years ago and regular attenders at the matches in the old Sahil days.

Having returned from school last night, my darling wife (not a dragon !!) informed me that there was a match on TV. Monday night ? Strange .... I thought. However, I had a peek and.... wow.... it was The Baggies v Coventry Shitty. So, the 1st half was at the half way stage and I settled down to watch the the remainder and the 2nd half.

I caught sight of the old Hibs Manager of one year ago (Big Tony Mowbray) with a fixed scowl on his face and I had a chuckle at that. I was wondering if he was thinking....... I shouldn't have left Hibs for The Baggies !!! Doesn't he ever smile these days Dave ? I have seen a photo of Hibbie Kanka and his hooligans with Big Tony and he was actually smiling !!!

What little a saw of the 1st half looked to be about even between the teams, however, all change in the 2nd half with The Baggies in total control and playing some delightful footie. Coventry were chasing shadows (remind you of CimBom v Gencler last Sunday ??!!).

Gotta give it to Big Tony for putting a really attack minded team together and their fitness level was impressive. Bang bang bang bang...... 4 cracking goals and the pick of them came from that guy up front with the funny name ..... Phillipe something !! Also impressive was Robinson - big strong front man. A possible recruit for ANKARAGUCU next season ???

I was looking for Baggie Kanka in the crowd but couldn't locate him ! However, I'm sure he was there ?! Well, at least his influence was apparent. After the 3rd goal, the Baggie contingent started to do an immitation of the ANKARAGUCU `Olay Olay` song and dance routine. But...... I'm sorry to say they failed miserably !!! It looked more like a conga dance at a halloween party !!!

However, in Baggie Kanka's defence, he is now the proud owner of an ANKARAGUCU Kankalar T Shirt which he will no doubt be wearing with pride to future Baggie matches. Sure to be a conversation piece me thinks !!!

In summary then, well done The Baggies and I can realistically believe that promotion is on the cards this season if they continue to play like they did last night. Look over your shoulder Waaaaaatford...... The Baggies are coming !!!

All the best from Baggie Fan, Eski Kanka Jim


  1. One of the advantages of Santana winning part of the Sky Sports UK Live Football contract is regular broadcasting of live English football featuring such notables as Yeovil Town and Morecambe. This has also led to wider coverage of the Championship before the Premier came in to being, in old money the Second Division of the Football League. Hence the recent showings of the Baggies (West Bromwich Albion) on Fridays and Mondays, and Hibbie Kanka Jim being able to watch a decent team.

    Traditionally WBA, who have never won much, have always been known for their attractive attacking style of football, apart from when we had managers such as Don Howe, Ron Saunders, and more recently the Bolton handicap Gary Megson.

    A quick look at all the UK tables will show that WBA have scored more league goals and have the best goal difference of any team. However, as they do not play until Sunday they may be briefly overtaken. Sunday mid-day sees us playing our bitterest rivals, the Dingles, better known to some as Wolverhampton Wanderers. Like West Brom their best days were in the 50s.

    Regarding Mowbray, who still is considered responsible on his appointment just over a year ago for us failing to secure a guaranteed promotion post, there is a re-think and I have to take back some of my unkind comments regarding his Hibbie background. At the moment, as displayed at least in the second half, it is a joy to watch West Brom.

    They remain however as infuriating as ever. 3-0 away win at Watford, 4-0 away win at Coventry, but sandwiched in between a 1-1 draw at home v. Sheffield Wednesday. Also a growing concern about their lengthy injury list including the leading goal scorer and best player, Kevin Phillips. There is though a young player Ismail Miller on a season's loan from Man City who is also scoring regularly. However, when the defenders realise he has only got a left foot he may struggle.

    Incidentally, back in the 70s in the old UEFA Cup setup West Brom did stuff Galatasaray!

    This update has of course been inspired by Hibbie Kanka's account and connections, but I hope others will now look for the Baggies result. From here a quick check is always made on the result of the Ankara teams.

    Certainly the Ankara shirt will get an airing at the Hawthorns.

  2. Great update from Baggie Kanka Dave for all us expat footie fanatiks. Also, liked the `history` lesson too !!

    Agree with your assessment of The Baggies being an attack minded team, and my memory goes back to the `good olde days` of Jeff Astle, Wee Willie Henderson, Lee Cantello, etc etc. Didn't they stuff Everton in the FA Cup Final way back in the 70s ?

    Look forward to hearing more from Baggie Kanka in the future.