Monday, November 05, 2007

Spit the dummy

Besiktas and Fenerbahce fans are handbagging each other at the moment over a controversial decision not to award a goal to Besiktas in the last minutes of their 2-1 loss away to Fenerbahce over the weekend.

The allegations are familiar. "Everyone is against us, the Football Federation is biased," is the drift of the Besiktas fansites. The Fenerbahce lot respond with "be a man and stop whinging."

It is all very childish and typical of the fans of all three of the Big Istanbul clubs. A decision goes against you and it is clear that there is a "conspiracy". I'm not going to make a stand on whether the decision made by the referee was right or wrong... it was a close call, but the Besiktas lot are making out as if this was a bigger injustice than when Boluspor were denied the Turkish Cup back in the early 1980s.

The Besiktas chairman is so upset that he has threatened to play his youth side in the next League match, a clear sign that he is getting his excuses in early for their match against joint leaders Sivasspor this weekend.

Besiktas fans have form when it comes to be being whingers. I noticed this statement on the Fenerbahce fan site

"You lot need both hearing pieces and dummies," the statement said. I'm assuming the "hearing pieces" bit refers to the fact that the Besiktas players continued playing, and then scoring, after the whistle had gone.

The piece continues: "Do you remember the "Send a dummy to Besiktas" campaign launched by Genclerbirligi fans a few years ago. But of course you only have the memory capacity to remember something for a couple of weeks."


I cant remember the Genclerbirligi campaign and would love it if anyone here could help me out.

But back to the fight.

"The TFF, under the influence of chief Haluk Ulusoy, puts pressure on the referees and the referees officiate in the games the way the federation wants them to," said Besiktas Chairman Yildirim Demiroren after the weekends match.

Typical whinging for the Besik... Ahhh ooops. Sorry about that. That wasn't the Besiktas chairman at all. It was actually said by Fenerbahce Chairman Aziz Yildirim earlier this year, as quoted in this piece in the Turkish Daily News.

Put a sock in it, all of you.


  1. was a piss poor decision because 1, it was not a free kick and 2 how convenient that the referee remembered about the decision after Besiktas reminds me of the referee performances a couple of years ago remember the infamous Anelka hand of god and the number of last minute penalties that Alex got for falling over in the area.....and I freely admit that all the Istanbul clubs get the benefit when not playing each other, Galatasaray for the FB fans saying be a man and get over it remember the reaction last season from the same mature bunch when there was an issue with referee appointments when they were all screaming about bias from Ulusoy etc....the main thing is that the TFF is decidedly amateur and most of the SuperLig refs are of a poor standard....

  2. Hey Oz, I am back in ABD now. Unfortunately I did not have time to make it to Ankara when I was in Turkiye. I had too much business to tend to in Istanbul. It's too bad - I would've loved to have met the Kankalar and shared a beer or three.

  3. Forget about effin Beshwhatever and Fenergarden...... boo hiss boo hiss to Oz Kanka for his remarks about the 1980 Cup which was deservedly won by none other than ANKARAGUCU yesssssss !!

    God Bless Kenan Evren ... friend of all Turks and ANKARAGUCU !!!


  5. Anonymous2:10 am

    It was 100% foul, and unless you played football in your life you will never know how you "fly" if someone touches you when you're airborne.

    Secondly, Arzuman blew his whistle rite after the incident occured, BJK players just kept playing. They do need earpieces, indeed.