Saturday, August 28, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Going down 0-1 in the 1st half to a team in top form at the moment is dispiriting under normal circumstances, but Ankaragucu has 'steel' in their play these days and they will not 'lie down' !

ANKARAGUCU 1 Kayserispor 1

Team -

Ugur, Aydin, Zewlakov and Klukowski
Hurriyet, Guven, Rajnoch and Sapara
Ozgur and Metin

Substitutes used - Meye, Mehmet Cakir and Adem

We met up in the Beer Bus Bar. This being the last home match punishment, and it is to be hoped, the last one of this season !

Oz Kanka Chris, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Dan the Man and Delia (who unfortunately is now back in Romania - hope she will continue to blog from afar and stay in touch with us !). Also present for the first time was Fener Kanka Deniz who admitted loving Ankaragucu almost as much as Fener (can we believe him ??) !!

The match was a cat and mouse affair for the opening 20 minutes or so and then Kayseri struck, and using Eski's old cliche, it was a schoolboy error from the Ankaragucu defence which gifted the goal.

A corner on the right was swung over into the crowded penalty area. Ozden was well positioned and the near post was being guarded, but ..... what about the far post ??!! The ball fell kindly to two unmarked Kayseri players and Cangele said to Serdar .... 'after you young man', and Serdar replied ..... 'thanks mate' as he was blasting the ball past a helpless Ozden.

From this point Kayseri stepped up a gear as if smelling blood and took control with Ankaragucu on the back foot, and thanks to Ozden's heroics thats how it stayed till half time. (Nadeem, you will have to change your opinion of Ozden now me thinks ??!!). Also, if Ozden keeps putting performances in like this it may well be that Senecky will have to fight his way back to the No1 spot !

Umit Bey's half time team talk obviously had the desired effect with Ankaragucu showing more adventure in the 2nd half. The substitution of Meye for Aydin also gave more attacking options for Ankaragucu.

It wasn't long before the equaliser came on 60 minutes and what a peach of a goal it was too. A break out of defence and the ball was fed to Sapara on the left who left Kayseri defenders in his wake. A brief look up, a cut back, and straight to the following up and unmarked Mehmet Cakir who half volleyed the ball into the top right hand corner with Souleymonu helpless and clawing air !

It was end to end stuff now and Meye with a little luck might have scored the winner, but it was not to be.

Still, an excellent fighting performance from Ankaragucu and who knows what they might achieve this season when Vittek and Sestak return from injury.

I have been a critic of Mehmet Cakir in the past, but I have to praise him for the way he took his chance last night. A classic goal.

However, my man of the match was Ozden for his outstanding 1st half performance when Kayseri were running riot. No doubt about it that he saved our arses !

Looking to two weekends later (11/12 September) and another moutain to climb away to Beshiktrash. Last season we may have gone there with trepidation, but not this season !

Details of match day and KO time to follow later in another post or the comments section.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous2:29 pm

    the things i fancied the most in that match were our new shirts and m.cakir`s return without any doubt..And ozden's performance was better than first two gamess but i still have question marks about him.. anywayy he is better than serkan... (:


  2. Onur, I will still reserve judgement on Mehmet Cakir. As I said, it was a classic goal, but these are the things he should be doing regularly and not occasionally !

    As for Ozden, I think his confidence is growing with every match he plays. Of course, the acid test will be in 2 weeks time in The Inonu Stadium when the Beshiktrash attack puts him under pressure. If he can come out of that unscathed, then he will surely have 'arrived' !

  3. Anonymous6:04 pm

    yes i totally agree cakirs's performance is not as good as his early years hopefully he will make a big impact in the coming weeks

    ozden ... lets wait and see


  4. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Bucaspor - Gencler is 2-1 at the moment. Watching Gencler recently I seriously doubted their capacity to score any goal this season. 25 more minutes to go. Buca took the lead while I was writing this message... the original version of it was about how happy I am that Gencler finally scored one goal this season.
    The main reason why I write this is to thank you for the yesterday night song. I have a photo - will email it tomorrow to Chris.
    In the meantime you may want to check this photo collection from our trip to Trabzon


    ps: Delia arrived home (in Romania) safe, after a trip that took more than 15 hours. Only 2 hours in the plane. The rest was waiting in the airports and railway stations.

  5. As it turned out, Buca scored again in the last minute to make it 3-1. More on that in Oz Kanka's report when he can motivate himself and find a PC. He's having a few probs at the moment with his PC.

    Yes, it's always a long journey when it begins at Esenboga. I usually have to take 3 flights to make it to Edinburgh. Anyway, the main thing is that Tatli Kankie (my name !!) Delia arrived home safe and sound.

    Thanks for the photo link Dan.

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    good start to the season for us in my opnion. I had targated 5 points from the first three games so 4 points is near enough considering weve had no home crowd and kayserispor and trabzon to deal with. As Jim said there seems to be a bit of fight in this team and more importantly STABILITY. this time last season we had already used about 20 0dd players.

    Ozden as i said is a good shot stopper and did well the other night, its his handling of the ball that im not impressed with jim.

    Bring on Besiktas


  7. Do you know how hard it is to get onto this website from China?!

    AG looks like they are doing well so far to start the year...almost as good as the Phillies.

    Hope all is well in Ankara. Miss everyone.

    Philly Kanka

  8. Mountaineering Kanka1:38 pm

    Good to see Gucu playing at a high level to start the season. The wife and I are in Dubai now. Any of you are welcome to visit any time with a free place to stay. Hopefully we can make it to Ankara sometime this season to see a match. Miss you guys. Keep it up A.Gucu.

  9. Good to hear from 'olde stalwards' Mountaineering and Philly Kankas.

    Keep commenting and look to those diaries for return trips to your 'second home' !

    We miss you too.

  10. Anonymous7:19 pm

    There is one good news about our team that Gabric from TS has been transfered on loan basis.
    I hope he will reinforce our left wing.
    (I am not sure whether we have a wing ?)
    The Beşiktaş match by next week will be a real test for our team to understand its limits and
    I am really concerned that this match can be a catastrophe with our verrry slow defence line.


  11. Volkan has a point. It is true that our back line is .... shall we say ..... laboured at times. However, if the full team is available, and I mean, Vittek and Sestak, then we can at least not feel too despondent.

    What is ominous about Beshiktrash is their attacking options, and that is without considering the inclusion of Fatih Tekke !

    Perhaps I was dreaming, but I was hoping that he would join Ankaragucu a few months ago when news of his departure from Zenit was first floated.

  12. Anonymous9:47 pm

    all the best mountaineering kanka and jamie hope you are both well.

    Happy with the signing of Gabric, we have a good squad now for the season ahead. We need to push for a uefa cup place and it is realistic with what we have spent. Our fans will also be back in the stadium.

    The AGM was today, anyone know how it went ? i heard our debt was about 40 million but we hope to have it at 0 next year.

    i also heard another rumour our fans wont be allowed to go to the galatasaray game, anyone else hear the same ?

    bring on besiktas we fear no one lol


  13. Anonymous12:12 am

    Nadeem it is clear that no body will be elected being the next president without Gökçeks consent.
    The club's debt is 58 millions(~40 millionsUS$) as of today and M.Gökçek says 20 millions out of 40 millions were given by them and will be granted at the end of teir era provided that new comings are not the ones who acts for their own benefits not for Ankaragucu's
    (Translation/Means that Cemal or Cengiz are not allowed to return )
    There is a gospel for the supporters that the new stadium construction will start by next year and will be completed witin 2 years .


  14. Anonymous12:19 am

    Thanks Volkan, as much as i love the 19 mayis as its been the clubs home for many years, it would be nice to get a new modern stadium. Its a must if the club want to progress. Think of how bad the 19mayis pitch is in the winter, and if we want to attract big players then a modern stadium is important.

    Volkan - are there elections for a new president ? what will happen to the gokceks then ? and do you think the debt is something to worry about ?


  15. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Nadeem elections done by yesterday and Junior Gokcek has elected elected once more.
    The debts is not something to worry about unless Gokceks left the club.

  16. Anonymous5:08 pm

    thanks for the information Volkan, i hope gokcek is here for the long run then if that is the case.