Sunday, August 15, 2010

A dark night for Genclerbirligi

Due to the fact that no one was heading down to Eskisehir for the match I decided to watch at the Beer Bus in Kizilay and whilst the game was crap the company was enjoyable. Saw the last 10 minutes of Sivas' victory over Galatasaray and then settled down for the Gencler match. How wonderful it was when various people asked the bar staff to turn over to the Besiktas match only to be told this was Gencler pub.

Eskisehir 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi

Nothing much was happening for the first four minutes or so and then absolutely nothing happened for the next 16 minutes as the lights at the stadium failed. Strange thing was though that the electronic advertising hoardings were working perfectly.

Lights back on and well, not much of an improvement really. During the whole match we had two decent chances and blew them both. We are clearly in for a long haul this season, especially as Mustafa Pektemek is out for six months.

I thought Harbuzi played okay for while and Ermin Zec was also not bad at times but overall this wasn't a great performance with Gencler relying on counter attacks, including one at the very end (this was sometime after midnight as the match started at 10 pm) which Zec should have at least forced the keeper to make a save, instead it went out.

A dissapointing start, but at least we got a point.

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  1. I think The Hurriyet headline of the match 'report' summed it up nicely ....

    Ne Es-Es
    Ne Gencler

    Good idea NOT to go to the match Oz !!