Monday, August 16, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Our initial foreboding proved correct. The Black Sea Storm duly arrived and blew Ankaragucu away !

ANKARAGUCU 0 Trabzonspor 2

The 'Four Muskateers' met up in the Beer Bus Bar to watch 10 man Liverpool almost beat Arrrrrsssssinal but having to settle for a 1-1 draw.

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka Harun, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and I were not our normal cheery and optimistic selves pre-match and on reflection I think we will need more than optimism pills this season !! After two competative matches we are still waiting to see Ankaragucu's first goal of the season !

I was further affected by a wave of pessimism when Maniac Kanka told me that Murat Duruer was in the starting line-up ........ whaaaaaaaat ??!! When is Umit Bey going to wake up to the fact that the team can't afford to carry passengers ?? He did two-fifths of effall last night, apart from taking a couple of throw-ins !!!

The line-up .....

Guven, Rajnoch, Zewlakow and Aydin
Hurriyet, Adem, Sestak, Duruer
Meye and Sapara

2nd Half substitutes used - Ozgur, Metin and Kaan

Both teams started the match tentatively which I suppose was understandable when they are both used to playing in front of large noisy crowds. It was an eerie atmosphere which I'm sure affected most of the players.

Both teams parked themselves in midfield and seemed happy enough to spread the ball around and pass it back to the goalkeepers.

The Ankaragucu defence was playing very tight on dangerman Teofilo (destroyer of Bursa last week !) and I was happy enough to see them snuff out the attacks which came their way.

At the other end, Meye was also being kept under control and there was little or no danger to Onur in goal apart from one shot from Sapara which he saved well.

Shortly before the half time whistle Ankaragucu had a stroke of luck when a well struck shot from Burak rebounded off the post with Ozden well beaten. Thankfully it fell to an Ankaragucu defender and was hastily hooked away to safety. An omen of things to come in the 2nd half ?!

Trabzon came out in the 2nd half and moved up a gear. Pressure was being applied and the Ankaragucu defence was having to work overtime. However, to their credit they were coping and trying to bring the ball out of defence rather than hoofing it anywhere.

With 20 minutes to go I would have been extremely happy with a 0-0 result, but I could sense the storm coming.

Trabzon was moving up a further gear and their superior fitness level was beginning to show. They were taking control of the match and Teofilo, Alanzinho, Yattara and Umut were finding more space and causing panic in the defence.

Then the storm arrived and it was 'the predator' Teofilo who did the damage being in the right place at the right time after Alanzinho had opened up the defence for the first goal and then Umut for the 2nd one.

Meye did have a coup;e of efforts on goal towards the end, but there really wasn't any way back for Ankaragucu.

Would Vittek's presence have made a difference to the result ? No, I doubt it ! However, if Umit Bey persists in playing Murat Duruer in his starting line-up I may decide not to buy a Kombine Ticket ...... that is, if we ever have the chance of buying one !!!

So, a clinical and well deserved win for Trabzon. Their striker, Teofilo, will take some stopping this season and may be the piece in the jigsaw that Senol Gunes has been looking for to take Trabzon all the way to the top this season. I for one wouldn't bet against it !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous2:47 pm

    I was really dissapointed in the performance last night jim. We all know trabzon are a hard team. But look at the way sivas played against galatasaray at home. I just fear we have let good players like ceyhun, aydin, serkan, rothen, geremi, koray etc all go without replacing them with better players.

    We need better players in attack. Next week is a massive game against Manisa who we need to beat. We have difficult games against besiktas, galatasaray and bursa all in the first 8 games.

    On another note does anyone know who the black guy was sitting next to vittek at the game ? i thought it was theo weeks but he had shaved hair and was in the training pictures today


  2. Nadeem, you are now experiencing the trials and tribulations of being an Ankaragucu supporter !!

    The question of strengthening the team is now in the hands of the Gokceks. Do they have the dosh (yes we think they do) and are they willing to use it to achieve what they said they would do, ie, put Ankara on the footie map ??!!!

    btw, yes, I noticed the black guy sitting beside Vittek last night and just assumed it was Weeksie. However, on reflection, he looked a bit young and may not have been him .... or maybe it was Weeksie and one of Umit Bey's punishments for a training ground misdemeanour ..... like they do in the Army ....... get yir 'air cut lad !!!??

  3. Anonymous6:10 pm

    a dont think it was weeks jim, i saw pictures of the team training today and weeksie still had his dreadlocks lol


  4. Anonymous12:29 pm

    the player is tonia tisdell. He is a liberian 18 year old midfielder signed from Ankaraspor. He was playing with Karsiyaka last season.


  5. Umit Bey is the problem.. I think he will resign after 4-5 weeks..

    And here is the game review in Tukrish, from Trabzonspor point of view ;

  6. Guys, where do you watch the games usually, I'd like to join you one day..

  7. Anonymous7:32 pm

    I agree Trabzon will be there or there abouts this season.A hard start for Ankaragucu but picking up points early in the new campaign is vital if we are to avoid a repeat of last season's dogfight at the nether regions of the league.

    Why no Vittek in action?

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Anonymous7:50 pm

    vittek was injured neil. I think Umit needs a chance zlatan., i was dissapointed we never gave lemerre a new contract. We looked to have been building something under him.

    I think Besiktas will win the league with trabzonspor 2nd.


  9. Thanks for contacting us Zlatan. You are obviously in Ankara, so you know Sakarya Caddesi in Kizilay.

    The Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi kankas always meet in The Beer Bus Bar on this street (at the end, on the Ulus side - near Karacan Dersane and Burger King).

    We are usually there 2 or 3 hours before KO and then normally return there after the match depending on time ..... and result !!

    With Ankaragucu still under punishment, it will be a while before we meet there, but the Gencler boys will probably be there on Sunday prior to their match with Antep.

    Look forward to meeting you in the future.

    btw, I think Trabzon look good enough to win the league this season .......... and ..... retain the Cup !!!

  10. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Thats never been done before Jim apparently.The Super Cup winners winning the league in the same season that is.Be good for Trabzon to win the league (if it cant be Ankaragucu or Gencler obviously)as it would really shake up the Establishment.Two years outside of the 'Bul.Take them a while to get over that.
    As Nadeem has got the ball rolling on the predictions for the season front here goes mine :

    Trabzon and Besiktas 1st and 2nd (dunno which order tho!)
    Fener 3rd
    Gala 4th (with Rijkaard sacked before then)
    Kayseri 5th.
    Ankaragucu and Gencler.... mid table respectability.
    Manisaspor bottom.

    Dublin Neil.

  11. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Mines isnt to far off yours neil. Im going with


    Ankaragucu and Gencler mid table

    Konyaspor, Manisaspor, Istanbul BBS relegated


  12. OK, I'm up for playing this game ......

    1st - ANKARAGUCU
    2nd - Gencler
    3rd - Bursa
    4th - Karabuk
    5th - Buca

    Relegated - Fener, Besik...spit...trash, CimBom

    Cup winnirrrzzzz - ANKARAGUCU

    Yessssssssssssssssss !!!!

  13. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Jim, when you wake up from that dream I think you should post again with what you REALLY think will happen this season!Or at least base it on what your HEED tells you!

    Dublin Neil.

  14. Kanks, I look forward to meet you in Beer Bus Bar very soon.

    By the way, are you planning to watch Liverpool-Trabzonspor tonight ? As you know, the match is in D-Smart and since Galatasary and Fenerbahce have also games tonight, most of the cafes and bars will be showing Galatasaray and Fenerbahve matches, not the big match of the day.

    If you are interested in vitnessing the great Trabzonspor victory tonight :) you can join us and we can watch Liverpool-Trabzonspor game together... We'll be in Cinar Cafe in Olgunlar Street. It's just next to the famous Book Sellers in Olgunlar str.

  15. Zlatan, thanks for the heads-up for tonight's BIG match. I can't make it but perhaps some of the other kankas can.

    One of our kanka's, Dan from Romania, is a Liverpool fanatik but I think he's still down in Assos. However, I know he has tickets for next week's return leg. Will you be going to Trabzon for that one ? If so, we must try and get you two together.

    btw Neil, I was seeeeeeriusssss. Honisssssst trusssssssst me !!!

  16. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Indeed, I am still in Assos. Since early morning I am wearing the red top but to my surprise nobody shouted yet (to annoy me) 'trabzon en buyuk'. All tourists seem to be from Istanbul area or clueless about football (or probably both... this explains why they support those teams from Istanbul). My hotel has no DSmart connection so I have to drive 500 m (this is meters, no miles) to the next hotel. I will try to convince them to show the trabzon match. If not, I have the perfect back-up: my laptop with a fast streaming provider.
    As fot the second leg everything is booked. Flight, hotel and match ticket. The Ticket is outrageously expensive: 44 quids. Can you believe it??? I think they know this will be their only match in uefa cup so they want to take advantage of it/us :) FYI: tonight at Anfield one ticket is... 10GBP

  17. Unfortunately I will miss the second leg in Trabzons also. I just started working in Ankara and I just cant leave Ankara and go Trabzon for the match. It's a pity, but I'm sure I can catch one of the matches in group stages ;) (Sorry Dan, Trabzonspor will be the one in the group stages)

    Dan, good luck in Trabzon by the way. If you havent been there before, I'm sure you'll like it. I dont know how long you'll stay there but if you can find time I can strictly recommend you to see Sumela Manastry, one of the Yayla's and Uzungol. I believe, the reception in your Hotel can help you about the tours etc. If you dont have any time, at least eat Akcaabat meatballs (Akcaabat Koftesi) or fish in Fevzi Hoca either in city center or in Akcaabat which is just 10mins from center. By the way, Fevzi Hoca has place in Ankara as well. If you are interested in good fish or kofte, you should try... ( )

    Regarding the price, believe me 44 guid (around 100TL I guess) is not expensive. It's because the stadium is not enough for Trabzon. You'll see that it will be full. We deserve a bigger one but unfortunately no one cares. It's a long story anyway, may be after 10 years we might have a bigger one... On the other hand, in England I think everone is in Holdiday so they made the tickets cheap to get the stadium full.. In normal seazon, the tickets will be much expensive there, aren't they ?

    By the way, if you can still wear your red top in Trabzon, we are famous with our hospitality. I guarantee you that nothing will happen, as long as Liverpool looses. If Trabzon lose the game, it might be a better idea to wear something else :)

    Anyway, I'm sure it will be a good game for both sides.. If someone in Ankara wants to see the game, we'll be in Cinar Cafe in olgunlar str. and you're all wellcome.. Take care...

  18. Anonymous11:11 pm

    michale klukowski the canadian left back from clubbe brugges has signed for us people. Im happy as we badly needed to replace Ariel Broggi. We are also still trying to to sign Jerome Rothen.


  19. Well I'm sure Zlatan was happier than Dan last night ?!!

    Tut tut tut Joe Cole for missing a penalty ! The Reds may rue that miss ! However, the away goal was not conceded and that will make Trabzon a wee bit nervous next week me thinks.

    Mr Hodgson must send out an attacking formation and go for it. Agreed ?

    btw, yes yes yes plleeeeezzzz ........... bring Rothen back here ... all is forgiven !!!

  20. Anonymous9:27 pm

    what happend with rothen jim for him to be forgiven ? lol


  21. It's my weird sense of humour Nadeem !!

    Rothen didn't do anything wrong - it's just a figure of speech !

    The question is ..... will he ???