Sunday, February 27, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As Bellshill Kanka Nadeem put it in the comments section of the previous post ..... what a shite defence. Spot on. Statistics don't lie, and with the 2nd worst defence in the League, it is clear to see where Ankaragucu's major weakness is.

Maniac Kanka Harun (and his friend Muco), Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up at the Stadium, and as usual the Ankaragucu tribunes around the Stadium were full. We counted 36 Gencler supporters in the away end, which should have been the normal 39 had it not been for the absence of Oz, Spine and The Flying Dutchman partying in Istan....spit.....bul !!!

The Gencler supporters (God bless them !!) were trying to sing pre-match but the Ankaragucu refused to allow it and drowned them out !!

ANKARAGUCU 2 Genclerbirligi 4

Maniac was full of pessimism pre-match, but when Battle Damaged and I saw the team line up with 3 recognised strikers on, we were upbeat about our chances of recording a rare victory against Gencler.

Zewlakow, Aydin, Rajnoch, Murat
Adem, Kagan, Sapara
Sestak, Fatih and Serdar

Substitutes used - Metin, Gabric and Dogan

The match started at a hectic pace and Ankaragucu almost scored in the 1st minute when Fatih fired in a shot which was well saved by Serdar.

However, as the half progressed, it was Gencler who was looking the more dangerous. Their defence was winning everything in the air from the diminutive Fatih, Sestak and Serdar. They were also looking a lot livelier with their tackles and passing, and Ankaragucu was being restricted to the odd foray into the Gencler half.

Then on 19 minutes Serdar had to go off - looked like he pulled something in his left leg - which was a blow in view of the fact that he was looking dangerous down the left side. Metin came on to replace him and had a reasonable match, but it was obvious Ankaragucu missed Serdar's aggressive running and creative passing.

Ankaragucu did have a few chances before half time. Metin saw his long-range screamer whiz past the post with Serdar beaten and Rajnoch headed over from a Sapara cross.

However, it was Gencler who finished the half the stronger team. The ball was in the net on 40 minutes, but the referee blew for a 'feet up' challenge on Ozden. Then just before the half time whistle, Gencler hit the post from a free kick.

I for one was pleased to hear the half time whistle to give the team a chance to re-group and catch their breath. The pace didn't let up all through the half.

Gencler started the 2nd half as they had finished the 1st half, ie, on the attack, and 2 minutes in Oktay waltzed through the Ankaragucu defence to score an excellent solo goal.

The Ankaragucu defence persisted in giving away free kicks around the penalty area which is like shooting yourself in the foot. However, Ozden saved Ankaragucu's blushed on numerous occasions throughout the match with some great saves.

He made a great save on 57 minutes which was a goal all the way, but the ball wasn't cleared by the Ankaragucu defence and was crossed back into the box where Mustafa was well positioned to head in to make it two.

Ankaragucu wasn't quite ready to capitulate at this point and were still trying to attack the Gencler goal. Fatih sent a header just past. Then on the 66th minute Metin showed what he is capable of when given a run on goal. He received a great pass, controlled the ball on the run, and fired in a great shot to put Ankaragucu back in the match.

The Ankaragucu tribunes upped the volume and 10 minutes later the equaliser came. It was a dangerous looking free kick which was floated into the box. Lots of players went up for it, but the ball came off Orhan's head to score a great own-goal.

Ankaragucu looked up for it now and expectation was in the air.

However, that bloody defence again screwed up at a corner on the 77th minute when they didn't deal with covering the Gencler attackers. Orhan made amends for his own-goal and forced the loose ball in.

Stunned silence before the singing started again. Could Ankaragucu force another equaliser ?!

Then on 84 minutes a great sweeping move from Gencler had the Ankaragucu defence chasing shadows and Serkan had the easiest of tasks to put the 'nail in the coffin'.

Ankaragucu capitulated and Gencler played 'pass the ball around' for the remaining few minutes.

Great all round performance by Gencler which bodes well for the remainder of the season.

However, where does Ankaragucu go from here ? That's too difficult a question to answer at the moment. The new coach has his work cut out before he takes over. His remit is quite simple .......... avoid the drop !!!

Ankaragucu will be away in Konya next Saturday 5 March. Gencler will be at home to Fener on Monday 7 March, and if they put in another performance like they did yesterday, we could be looking at another 3 points. Please do it says Trabzon and Bursa !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Great post, Eski. Wish it had been good news however. Would love to see a Trabzon win tonight as well as a Gencler win next week.

    As far as Gucu go, I'm certainly NOT getting my hopes up. But really we can't lose to Konya. That would be too much for me to take.

  2. Meeting up pre-wedding in Istanbul it was high fives all round between the Gencler Kankas. I tried to listen to the match on the radio during the drive to Istanbul but it kept dieing on me. Would have loved to have seen it.

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Ankaragucu away to Konyaspor next weekend a famous Scotsman once said, "squeeky bum time!"

    Dublin Neil.

  4. OK, I'll bite Neil.

    Is it a quiz question which we can all play, or will you tell us the name of this literary giant ??!!

  5. Some papers saying Umit Ozat's quit...

    and will be replaced by Mesut Bakkal...

    who we thought was lined up to replace Zumdick...

    who's asked for a pay raise after the 'Gucu win.

  6. Yes, Mesut Bakkal signed for the rest of this season with an option for next.

    Source: Anatolia

  7. Jurgen Rober would probably have been a better choice. Mesut Bakkal doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

  8. Please excuse me if I don't jump up and down with joy at the appointment of Mr Bakkal !!!

  9. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Jim surely you know that that phrase was coined by none other than Alex Ferguson?

    Dublin Neil.

  10. Why can't this team go out and get a qualified coach. Remember last year when Lamerre took over and the team excelled?

    Then, at the end of the year they let him go because he wasn't Turkish.

    What did that get us? A little bit of face time on facebook?

    This team is the epitome of instability.

  11. Alex ..... who ????

    On a serious note, the details for this weekend ...

    Konya v Ankaragucu - Saturday KO 2pm - watching in the Beer Bus Bar.

    Gencler v Fener - Monday KO 8pm - meeting in the Beer Bus Bar from 6pm.