Saturday, February 05, 2011

Seems the only thing Ümit can win is a brawl--if he has his posse to back him up

Kayseri 2 Ankaragücü 1
Too depressed to get into the nitty gritty of it right now, but I'll be back to tell you the sordid tale of how we got raped in Kayseri in the last minutes of the match, after I drown my sorrows in an Efes.


  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    "we got raped in Kayseri" Jeez, Battled Damaged I never heard a defeat described in such terms.Conjures up all sorts of images.Including a scene from Midnight Express!

    Dublin Neil.

  2. I was watching the rugby at the RLC. Via I saw that Ankaragucu was up 1-0 for most of the match. What the hell happened?

  3. Sorry for the melodrama, Neil, but it felt a bit like that while watching. I certainly don't have any intention of pursuing the metaphor any further--but were I so inclined, the last 15 minutes of the match would make doing so quite easy.

    Full report tomorrow morning.