Saturday, October 15, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu returned to Ankara empty handed after putting on an excellent performance last night. Had Lady Luck contrived to be present in Trabzon, it just might have been a different story. However, facts are facts, and Ankaragucu still find themselves propping up the League today.

Trabzonspor 3 Ankaragucu 2

Team -

Ugur, Ediz, Aydin and Ozgur
Kagan, Hurriyet, Rajnoch and Weeks
Tonia and Turgut

Substitutes - Guven, Atilla and Cerny

The Four Kankas met in The Chopin Bar for pre-match 'refreshments'. Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Cider Kanka John and Simon (Aston Villa supporter -brave man !). Also, a large Ankaragucu contingent was present and all fired up singing and shouting (just like being in the Stadium !).

So, Ankaragucu came out at the KO and was full-on into attacking mode and it was 30 minutes on the clock before Ozden had a save to make.

But, the first goal arrived on the 20 minute mark and what a goal it was too. Turgut collected the ball on the left, beat 2 defenders and curled the ball round another defender into the right corner of the the goal for a great individual goal. (Damon commented that Turgut had probably been studying David Villa videos !!)

Trabzon was not to be denied though, and despite a shot which rebounded off the crossbar, they finally equalised 5 minutes from half time when Pawel received a cut-back from the left and walked the ball in with Ozden helplessly exposed.

Half time, and my thoughts ............ Ankaragucu unlucky not to be in the lead.... and impressed with Turgut's workrate after some early season poor perfomances.

Into the 2nd half and Trabzon was gradually coming into the match and beginning to take control. Then, 10 minutes in and almost a break-through for Trabzon when Ozden made a great save from a goal-bound shot and the rebound headed off the line by ...... couldn't see which defender was the hero !

Then on the 60th minute, and against the run of play, Ankaragucu fashioned a breakaway of their own when Weeksie took a long ball played out to him with the Trabzon defence caught napping. He rounded Tolga and slotted in. Cue ..... The Chopin breaks into song and we are all sensing a great victory.

Grrrrrrr ............ 5 minutes later and the 2nd equaliser arrived when Celustka was given too much time, with no tackles coming in, to deflate us.

To their credit, Ankaragucu didn't go into their shell and protect the one point. Ankaragucu still pressed forward, but in the end another dead-ball situation was their downfall.

With 10 minutes to go and the match finely balanced, they conceded a free kick just outside the penalty box. Burak probably saw a space in the 'fragile' wall and curled his free kick into the right corner to win the match.

A real sickner at the end and we could see the disappointment on the faces of the Ankaragucu players at the final whistle.

However, this Ankaragucu team bereft of its star players, can take heart from this performance. The Ordu match next Sunday can be viewed with optimism on this showing.

Down, yes, but not out ............. yet !

You can be sure that the Stadium will be full next Sunday ...... and ...... the kankas will be there to see our first win of the season.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. What a performance from the team on Sunday, and although hard to take having took nothing from the game, i was proud of the way we played.

    We passed the ball well and worked our socks off, and a special mention to Theo Weeks who had his best game fro the club.

    On the negative side we need to concentrate for 90 mins and cut out the silly goals we give away. The first goal the midfield was a sleep while pawel was unmarked to score.

    Next week is a massive game and we need to take the three points

  2. another thing i meant to mention, the referee was dreadful, every 50/50 he gave trabzons way. And it was nice to see a sponsor at last on our shirt. Sportoto

  3. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Well spotted Nadeem. I didn't notice that, and I'm sure the others didn't either. btw, on that subject, I thought that Anadolu Jet was going to be our sponsor this season ?

    As for the referee, I think he was probably thinking of his own safety and getting out of Trabzon in one piece !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Feeling disappointment here in ABD...

  5. Don't feel disappointed, Jameie. It is the first time we have been able to glimpse some light at the end of the tunnel this season. Things are on the upswing, I do believe.