Monday, October 03, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


As expected, Galatasaray won last night with one clinical well taken goal, one fantastic own-goal and a penalty.

Ankaragucu 0 Galatasaray 3

Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and I met up in The Chopin and spent more time discussing The Rugby World Cup than discussing Ankaragucu's chances of creating an upset ! We were later joined by Cider Kanka John (he does a great West Country accent and he's a World Famous authority on Cider !). We also had a flying visit from Smart Arse Kanka Dave and his beautiful wife Suzanne (I refuse to call her Mrs Smart Arse Kankie !).

Off then to a full capacity Stadium with Gecikondu again in fine form with their usual repertoire of songs and dances. btw, I'm pleased to report that peace has been declared between Gecikondu and Anti-X with BOTH tribunes joining in the 'Bursa Song' on 16 minutes !

Team -

Ugur, Aydin, Ediz and Ozgur
Kagan and Hurriyet
Rajnoch and Turgut
Ergin and Tonia

Substitutes - Guven and Umut

It was pretty much end to end stuff for the first 10 minutes with both teams sizing each other up. Then one of Ankaragucu's many weaknesses resurfaced, ie, defending dead balls.

The ball was whipped in from the left touchline from a free kick to the danger area where Rajnoch and an attacker went for it. We couldn't see clearly who got the bullet of a header in at the time to send the ball into the corner of the net, but it was Rajnoch.

I had been hoping that Ankaragucu could hold out until half time to put pressure on Galatasaray for the 2nd half, but the goal lifted Galatasaray and they began to dictate things.

10 minutes later the writing was on the wall when another of Ankaragucu's weaknesses was exposed. It was an Ankaragucu corner and there was nobody covering any clearance on the 18 yard line and in the channel behind it. Golden opporunity for Galatasaray to exploit it which they did in clinical fashion with a breakaway which left Ozden with no chance as Kazim slotted in for a well taken goal.

Ankaragucu was well and truly on the back foot now with Galatasaray in full cry and Galatasaray always seemed to have a man spare with their excellent running off the ball and finding space for the pass which was giving the Ankaragucu defence the runaround.

The half time whistle came as a relief with no further damage inflicted.

When Ankaragucu came out for the 2nd half they were given a standing ovation by Gecikondu in recognition of their endeavours and a call to will them on for the 2nd half.

I have to admit that the players did respond and all credit to them for not folding, but Galatasaray still had control of the match and but for some heroics from Ozden could have increased their lead.

Some of the Ankaragucu players were tiring and another weakness reared its head. Some of the players don't look fit enough for 90 minutes, ie, Turgut and Ergin who both struggled to make any impression throughout. It is quite obvious that they are out of their depth at this level, but what other options does Ziya Bey have ? Hasn't he been handed the poisoned chalice ?? I'm stuffed for an answer !

Ankaragucu can feel aggrieved that a penalty wasn't given on 75 minutes when there was a clear handball in the area. Perhaps I should have been refereeing instead of Mr Aydinus ??!!

However, a penalty came at the other end with 5 minutes to go and I suppose we can't argue with that decision. Baros despatched it and the Ankaragucu supporters headed for the exits.

Man of the Match was a difficult one with Ozden in the frame alongside Ugur who ran himself into the ground in defence and joining in attack when necessary. Hurriyet played a captain's role but was defending most of the match. Also, I musn't forget Tonia who was everywhere and never gave up the fight. In fact, he almost scored at the end but was a whisker away from connecting with a cross. So, Tonia gets my vote, for tying to play his own game, and at the same time, compensating for the inadequacies of Turgut and Ergin.

I don't want to criticise Ziya Bey who is on a hiding to nothing, but he really must sort out another option in the attack alongside Tonia otherwise the 'goals for' column in the League Table is going to remain static !

5 matches in now and still on ONE point. Is it time to hit the pancic button yet ? Away to Trabzon in 2 weeks time ............. arrrrrrghhhhh !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. last nights match was the first full game i had seen this season, and no wonder you and damon were saying we had no chance, our defending is awful. I must say im not a big fan of Ozden but well done to him this season. he has played well.

    Aydin and Ediz are poor defenders, Ogur is not a left back and every corner we have, teams hit us on the counter and hurt us, same with set pieces. This is something Ziya Dogan has failed to work on for the first 6 games. We cant judge him with the squad he has, but we can judge him on decisions and performances and so far im not impressed.

    Only two players look like they are up for it outfield, Jan Rajnoch and Tonia Tisdell. Maybe Ugur as well but he has so many shit defenders with him they make him look bad to. I give up now, i cant see us winning anytime soon with Trabzon and Ordu up next

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    Don't give up yet Nadeem. Damon and I have decided that we are in it for the long haul, and we are prepared for the worst !

    Last night Antep took a point off Beshiktrash which puts Ankaragucu firmly on the bottom propping the rest up.

    There is only one way to go from here and that is ..... hopefully .......... UP !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim (minus his optimism pills !!)

  3. I have taken a mighty ribbing this week at school from the students and faculty who support Istanbul teams, which is essentially everyone there. This fact is even more disgraceful than what the Gökçek's and Cemal Aydın have done to the team.