Friday, October 28, 2011

Gencler get to the midtable!

The death toll on Turkey's roads almost increased by at least one yesterday as I was driving to the school and listening to Radyo ORTU. "And tonight is the Super Lig's first derby match of the season as Fenerbahce take on Besiktas". WTF! Gencler played Ankaragucu weeks ago. At least that match was between teams from the same continent.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 0 Kayserispor

Midweek games were with us again last night in the squished-up season we have this year thanks to the league starting late after all the allegations that Fener bought their title last year. Those investigations are continuing, and who knows when it will end. The long and short of it was that the TFF put the Gencler game on the same night as my darts match. A quick trip outside and I decided it was way too cold to go to the stadium and so we watched at the Red Lion.

Gencler came out attacking and whilst it wasn't brilliant football it was Gencler who were getting the shots in. Only problem was that the shots were going straight to the Kayseri keeper.

We should have been 1-0 up after about 10 minutes when Ermin Zec sent a ball in to Azofeifa. About 10 metres out, right in front of goal and Azo hit it hard, and straight at the keeper. It was one of those that you score 95 per cent of the time. Much knashing of teeth and tearing of beard at the RLC.

As I said it wasn't great football and there were plenty of passages where nothing was happening.

Second half and the Ankaragucu kankas started piling in to the club for their match later on and Gencler had a few more chances. Again, they were going straight to the keeper.

Then on about the 70th Sir Eski Kanka said his magic words. "This one is going to finish a bore draw".

Hursut found Tum down the right, Tum sent the ball in to the box where Oktay headed it back for Soner who smashed it and this time it wasn't at the keeper! 1-0.

A couple of scary moments towards the end with our keeper pulling off a couple of nice saves but Gencler survived. We were the better team last night and deserved the win. It was then time for darts and the Manisa-Ankaragucu match. More about the latter a bit later on once Sir Eski calms down.

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  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Where the f..k are you Gencler kankas ???

    Have you nothing to say about a great performance and result against a team which beat Galatasary in Istanbul this season ?

    I watched the 2nd half with Oz, Flying Dutchman and Spine kankas and was impressed with their footie.

    So, I'm predicting a 6-0 win for Gencler on Monday against Mersin yessssssssssssss !!!!

    btw, oooops ..... sorry if I put the kiss of death on this one with my normally so accurate predictions ??!!

    All the best from Eski the Optimist Kanka Jim