Gencler go higher and higher

No time to give a full report at the moment. Genclerbirligi have managed to win away with a last minute goal. It was nerve-wracking stuff. More tomorrow.

Kayserispor 2 - 3 Genclerbirligi


  1. Would be lovely to see you guys sitting in third place at the end of next wknd.'s fixtures. Haydi Gencler!

  2. While you guys are shooting up the table we are shooting each other.

  3. Anonymous8:42 am

    so some kirikkale businessman called Muhammet Haluk Ilican has been elected chairman of Agucu. He told congress he was nobody's man. They've approved a 65 million lira budget up to the end of this year, Hurriyet says.


  4. Anonymous5:49 pm

    to follow up on Oz Kanka's post a few days ago on how little we know:

    I spent a few minutes of my day today trying to answer the question "who is Haluk Ilican?" This service to this blog's loyal readers meant searching google and my company's database of turkish media reports. Total result: He's a bloke, probably from Kirikkale, who may be a "businessman".

    The lack of curiosity and seriousness is incredible really. Admittedly Ilican only appeared as a candidate a couple of days before the congress, but no media organization has seen fit to ask even the most basic questions about him: His age, what business he's in, his marital status, his plans, his personal wealth, his criminal record, his pets. There's nothing.

    What there is, is an awful lot of cutting and pasting of whatever Anatolia news agency says. Which in this case was very little.

    rant over (and I may just be bad at googling)


  5. Anonymous5:56 pm

    ... and a correction to post three above: budget is 56 million tl.

    Samu Altinyuva's term of office from Nov 18 to Feb 4 produced an exactly balanced budget of 1,961,417 liras income and expenditure. which was very precise and convenient. Source: Hurriyet



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