Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A split league with 22 teams?

I'm a bit late with this news but I've been busy registering French Kanka's dual sim phone and doing a stock take at the Red Lion Club. Better late than never though.

The other day Yildirim Demiroren was elected chairman of the Turkish Football federation and he has apparently already come up with two "çilgin" projects that would make Tayyip Bey proud.

The first thing he did as chairman was to send to UEFA a letter saying that he wanted any penalties for the match fixing scandal to be postponed until the courts have given their verdicts. Well, seems sort of like justice, but then he came up with the interesting bit that individuals should be punished, not clubs. So, if a club chairman organised for his club to win the league then the chairman would go to gaol, if such a decision was made, but the club would still be allowed to play on. Hmmm.

The second was reported in the papers - there has not been an official statement on the matter.

Demiroren wants the top flight to be expanded next year to 22 teams, up from the current 18. To do this, no teams will be relegated this year and three teams from the Bank Big Continent League would be promoted. The last spot would go to Ankaraspor who seem to have won their case against the Federation over their being kicked out a few years ago.

The other bit about this is that that the league would be split into two groups, with the winners of the groups playing a grand final to decide the overall league winners.

As I said, no official statement from the TFF on this one but it certainly sounds like a mess to me.


  1. Anonymous12:02 pm

    TFF goes from bad to worse. Disgusting.
    Saying that - look whom I met in Euston on the day of the Carling Cup Final. Despite his time with Fenerbahce, I rate him as one of the best & fair-play Turkish football players.



  2. I'm humming the flintstones theme now.

  3. I'm humming the Ankaragucu Club song now .....

    and thinking ..... could Ankaragucu avoid relegation ??? .... AND .... without any intervention from the Great Kenan Evren ???!!!

    Ho ho ho .... what a fine day even if that white stuff keeps pouring out of the sky !!!!

  4. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Im going to defend Yildirm here which may come as a surprise. But i agree that individuals should be punished as opossed to the clubs.

    Why should the fans and players be punished for something that is done by the owners ? Players who are involved should be banned from playing football ever again.

    Look at whats happening to Ankaragucu ? Ripped apart by cemal aydin and the gokceks, who is suffering ? us the fans and the players while Gokcek has his heart set on making this new team just to please himself.

    Hopefully mr yildirm gives the go ahead to the 22 team league as Ankaragucu need the tv money to help with the debt.

  5. Anonymous4:40 pm

    p.s nadeem posted last comment

  6. Saw your Wemballleeeeee pikkies last night Dan.

    Excellent photies and excellent result. Tuncay looks a lot slimmer than previously, or is it my immagination ?!