Saturday, February 18, 2012

MKE Ankaragucu or Ankaragucu A.S ?

Look like that will be what Ankaragucu fans need to decide who they follow. Ankaragucu are £50 Million in debt and it doesnt look like anyone is coming along to rescue us. The circus that is the congress is just about the next average joe who wants to make a name for himself as Ankaragucu president.

Melih Gokcek has said MKE Ankaragucu are finished and wants to change Ankaraspor into Ankaragucu A.S and looks like he will take the club emblem. If MKE Ankaragucu were to go bust and we started again like Fiorentina, Parma and even Leeds United have done as Ankaragucu A.S i would follow them, we would keep our history like the clubs mentioned. But that isnt what Melih wants, he wants to replace Ankaraspor with our name, This guy along with Cemal Aydin has killed the club.

Just look at the empty seats at the game today, Turkish FA and Government dont give a shit about us and neither do some of our own fans taking money from Cemal Aydin and the Gokceks to support them. As Darius Vassell said Ankaragucu are a club that gives so much, but never gets anything back. Well Done Melih, Well Done Cemal, and Well done to the fans who have killed a club of 102 years. Rest In Peace.


  1. Nothing left to say at this point. Following events at this point is like watching a wreck in slow motion.

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    Nadeem you are not enjoying a very good time lately what with Ankaragucu and Rangers situations.How worse can either get?I dread to think.

    Dublin Neil.

  3. Well, I'm sure Nadeem will cheer up a wee bit later today Neil when The Mighty Hibernian stuff the Tim Malloys !!!!

    As for Ankaragucu, as I said before, if MKE is still involved in putting money into the Club (which I doubt) it could be into court for Mr Gokcek. However, if they aren't then as long as he keeps the name Ankaragucu I'm sure the fans will settle for that.

    Let's not hold our breath for a solution to the problem in the near future !

    1. how unlucky can you be neil lol, two teams in administration and i follow them both :-(

  4. Anonymous9:19 pm

    The Tim's didnt do anyone a favour today bar themselves Jim!Having said that I'm now going to tell you all who MY team have always been so dont laugh.Most Irish people follow an English team as you're probably and I've always supported West Ham Utd!It does tend to keep me out of trouble.

    Dublin Neil