Friday, May 04, 2012

Youth the way forward in Ankara !

The above article is a fantastic piece on Genclerbirligi and there youth policy. You really have to admire Ilhan Cavcav and what he has done for the club. A club with a tiny fanbase who year after year produce talent and survive in the Super Lig. Some have had a go at Cavcav of late for selling his top players and showing a lack of ambition, but for me the man has done a wonderful job for Gencler.

Ankaragucu this season have had to rely on there youth players due to the financial problems the clubs have faced this season. All the first team players left apart from Aydin Toscali and Mehmet Cogum. The club have been relegated to the Bank Aysa first division for next season after there worst season in the clubs history.

Its not all doom and gloom though, Ankaragucu under 11 and 12s became champions of there league this season, and the A2 team sit top of there league to. The young players of the first team are also showing signs of improvement. 17 Year old Gokhan Akkan made his debut in goal this season and Bayram Olgun the clubs first team goalkeeper at only 22 looks like he could go on and be a future Turkish International.

Ishak Dogan and Bilal Gulden have represented Turkey under 21s this season and Ishak in particular looks to have a very bright future ahead of him. Hasan Ayaroglu (top picture) and Sinan Kurumus (bottom picture) are two 17 year old strikers who have scored their first goals for the club in recent weeks also look like talented players.

The upcoming congress in a couple of weeks could be one of the biggest in the history of Ankaragucu, the fans will be hoping for some good news and someone who will come in and get the club back up and running. Ankaragucu cant afford to loose any more of there players or they could face relegation next season.

The future is bright within the Ankara academies, even if the problems mount off field.


  1. Excellent post Nadeem.

    I'm 90% sure that I can make it to the Stadium for Ankaragucu's last home match on Monday afternoon (KO 3pm) in The Mickey Mouse Cup, and for this season.

    For the remainder of the summer it will be all about internal politics within the Club and by August we should know what type of team we are taking into the Bank Asya League.

    As I've said many times recently, it will have to be a good team just to consolidate their position in that league because the standard is high and there will be no 'easy' matches.

    Keep up your great investigative work !

  2. A monday afternoon kick off ? well jim looks like you could be at the stadium on your own for that one lol

    Yeah the next couple of weeks are vital for the future of Ankaragucu, if its someone like erdal sanli or sami altinyuva who is elected then we can say goodbye to the club with them been cemal aydin men