Sunday, February 03, 2013


Ok, so before too long we will see if we can close the gap between where we stand with 13 points at  the bottom of the ladder  in the second divsion and where our nearest competitors Samsunspor, Kartalspor, and Tavsanlı are with 19. If they pull away much more, I think it is fairly certain that we can kiss the league good bye. As Nadeem mentioned in the pre-match report, Karsıyaka is also trying to move up into the playoff spots at the top of the league, and this match is important to them for that reason.

Meanwhile as you can tell from the photo above, we have a pretty good rapport with the Karsıyaka fans. Although today with the stadium ban still in effect, we won't be seeing much comraderie.

According to the Gucu Guru Nadeem, our starting lineup for today will be the following. 

Bayram, Bilal Gülden, Volkan, Aytaç, Mehmet Taşcı, Gürkan Alver, Mert Erdoğan, Timur, Teoman, Kaan, Serkan Şirin

Subs: Gokhan Akkan, Orhan, Hasan, Gokhan Erdogan, Enes, Ayklidiz, Umut Nayir

6 min: Well some technical difficulties here but here we go. So far neither team is standing out. We'll just have to see what happens when things settle down a bit.

10 min: And we win a corner, but it goes out.  

13 min: Nadeem is commenting on the nervous start our boys are having, Mert had the beginning of a chance picking up the ball a little way from the top of the box, but his shot was weak and went out.

16 min: I can hear the kids chanting in support of Gucu. 

18Nadeem is saying the team needs to keep possession better. Kids are chanting for Bursa who had a good match against GS this weekend. 

20 min: I think Nadeem is watching this match after taking some optimism pills. I haven't seen anything really approaching an opportunity for a goal. :)

21 min: Mehmet with the throwin into the box, but it comes to nought.

22 min: Serkan with a cross into the Karsıyaka box but it only finds the keeper.

25 min: Gol for Karsıyaka

26 min: From  Nadeem: terrible mistake from volkan, why is he trying to take on players at the back ???? great finish from banahene

28 min: Another close call. Karsıyaka now seem to be able to move the ball into our box almost at will.

30: Timur knocked over in the box. Will it be a penalty.

31: Kick taken from just outside the box but comes of the wall and goes out. The corner also proves unhelpful.

32 min: Extremely dangerous situation with Karsıyaka in the box, but the shot comes of the crossbar and we are able to clear it. 

35 min: Karsıyaka with the corner. Harmless and we get possession back.

38 min: We moving the ball around a bit better now. Another chance to score for Karsıyaka but the header goes over.

40 min: God this is boring. 

42: Another shot on goal but right at Bayram. Counter attack but right at the Karsıyaka keeper Necati. This about sums up the level of excitement.

45 min: Karsıyaka player rolling around on the ground screaming in agony after Mert's comes down on him with his cleats.

46 min: Yellow card for Captain Mert after clumsily going after the ball but getting mostly man.

Corner. Last chance to attack. Right at Necati.


And we are about to enter the second half.

Gökhan in for captain Mert.
66 46 min: And here we go. So far more of the same. Serkan to Gökhan. Gökhan has moved to Serkan's position on the wing.

49 min: 
Both sides punting it around a bit. Nothing much happening. Bilal to Timur who is unable to control it. We are now trying to play it out of the back, but kick it out. Now back in our possession. Now Bahanene gets in our box but after getting past our defender shoots right at Bayram. Corner. Nice save by Bayram.

51 min: As I was typing Bahanene had another chance all on his own but was off target.

52 min: The Ghanaian... Wait Teoman chance to score. Crosses but no one to receive. Actually not so much a cross. He actually shot but it came off of one of the Karsıyaka players and rolled away.

55 min: Gökhan in defense almost gifted the ball to Karsıyaka, but was able to recover. 

56 min: Seems Nadeem and I were thinking the same thing: don't give Bahanene any space!!!! The Ghanaian is so dangerous. 

58 min: We're playing it out of the back again. Jim wil be happy that we are not just booting it about.  Another Karsıyaka player rolling around on the ground. They seem to go down pretty easy. 

60 min: Some nice ball handling by Timur before the stream freezes up.

61 min: Looks like a yellow card, but not clear who is on the reciving end yet because the stream keeps freezing. Well, not clear who got it, but definitely one of our players.

66 min: And Nadeem writes in that he can't understand why Serkan is still on the pitch.  

67 min: Nice pass to Timur near the Karsıyaka goal but amounts to nothing. 

68 min: First sub coming on for Karsıyaka. Ali coming on for??? Not clear.

70 min: Free kick for Karsıyaka from the left wing. 

71 min: I don't know what is more frustrating the way we are playing or the intermittent way the stream is working.

73 min:AG substitution: Umut on for Teoman

75 min: Karsıyaka with a weak shot on the ground to Bayram.

Nadeem with an update on what is...

76 min: Wait we just got a GOllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Gökhan with nice set up from Timur.

80 min: Ok, as I was saying...wait substitution for Karsıyaka...some pushing on the pitch between the two teams a couple of yellows given out not clear to...and we are in front of the goal again Some nice dribbling from Gökhan but he is not able to get the shot off. 

81 min: We really need all three points here. Nadeem saying that Tavsanli is down 3-1 in their match with Rize.

85 min: Bahanene with the ball again, but by some miracle our defense is able to get the ball out of the box.

Hasan on for Serkan. I'm sure Nadeem is wondering why it took Kaplan this long.

87: Another chance on goal but the poor quality of the stream making it difficult to see what is happening. Clear no goal resulted from it though.

89 min: Timur receives a yellow for unsportsmanlike behaviour.   

90 min: Well, I've lost the picture completely now. Hopefully we'll be able to find out what's happening in these final minutes.

Still no picture, but Nadeem is telling me that the ref has blown time. So final score 1-1. That is not going to help us much, but I suppose it is better than no points. Hopefully we will do better next week at Manisa.

More news from Nadeem: 

Tavsanli 2-3 Caykur Rizespor. Good result for Ankaragucu as they close the gap on Tavsanli. Half time Goztepe 0-0 Boluspor.


  1. Ankaragucu players working hard closing karsiyaka down at every attempt

  2. Eski Kanka here in Edinburgh. Just chilling out before I head off to Easter Road Stadium to see Hibs progress into the Quarter Finals !! Meeting Hibbie Kanka Athole at about 1pm for pre-match 'refreshments'.

    C'mon Ankaragucu .......... 3 points please !

  3. Good play from timur nearly creating a goal

  4. Hope hibs do better than rangers did yesterday jim :-(, boring start to this match

  5. Tried to get the TRT link to watch but failed.

    Watched the Dundee Utd v Rangers match yesterday at the same time as the Wales v Ireland match. Lottsa screens in the Pub ! The TWO red cards didn't really help Rangers cause did it ??!!

    Gotta get a quick equaliser today. If Karsiyaka get another they will quite easily run away with the match.

  6. Get serkan off !! Gives the ball away everytime !

  7. Good result for Bursa yesterday and another win for Antalya which gives them a chance to close the gap again.

    Can't say that we've had much luck in Scotland closing the gap on Celtic.

    C'mon Ankaragucu ....... givuzzz a goal !!!

  8. Forgot to mention that Paddy Kanka and Braaat Kankie are coming to Easter Road today. It will be Laura's first visit to the Stadium since I took her to a match when she was about 10 years old !!

    Will she be a lucky charm ?? Watch this space for the answer !!

  9. Doesnt look like it jim, weve not even had a shot lon goal, we played better in karsiyaka

  10. Teoman should have passed the ball first time there

  11. Yes, I'm happy that Ankaragucu is trying to build an attack from the back instead of booting it out for the 'lone ranger' up front to try and get on the end of it.

    However, there has to be plenty of movement up front and players moving into space to make a pass possible. Running into the channels and cut-backs are defenders nightmares and we need to be doing this on the training pitch and transferring it into reality on match days.

  12. Well done Ankaragucu for fighting back to equalise.

    Can they score the winner in time added on ??

    I have to go now, so look forward to hearing the good news tonight on my return from celebrating Hibs great victorrrreeeee yessssssssss !!!

  13. 1-1 is a good result after the poor first half performance. Gokhan Erdogan came on and changed the game with his pace. A fine finish from Timurs good work. With Tavsanli loosing it is a point gained. Now we travel to manisaspor next monday.

    Remember our first few games after the break are against the teams at the top so to take 4 points from our first two games is excellent.

  14. "1-1 is a good result after the poor first half performance."

    True, but we really can't afford to dawdle. Second placed Manisa will certainly be a challenge. Let's hope we pick at least one point off of them.

  15. if we can pick up a point at manisa it will be a great result. We should have beat them in Ankara the last time we met.

    Once we start meeting the teams in the bottom half thats when the 3 points need to be taken.

  16. Boluspor do us a favour by winning 2-1 at goztepe. The home side had theo weeks sent off and ergin keles scoring their goal. Both former ankaragucu men.

  17. Not so good news in the other game. Samsunspor 2-0 up against kartalspor with 20 mins remaining. Means we are 8 points adrift.

  18. As I said at the beginning of the season, there are no 'donkey teams' in the PTT League. Ankaragucu will have to fight for every point until the end of the season and it will be a bumpy ride.

    Let it begin with 3 points in Manisa. Difficult, but not impossible !