Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nice touch Timur Bayram Ozgoz !

Ankaragucu striker Timur Ozgoz yesterday showed something which sadly is lost in football these days. At a time where football is ruined by corruption and greed, Timur donated his match bonus to a family of orphaned children with special needs. The 2500 Turkish Lira will go a long way to helping the suffering family and Ankaragucu can be proud of their star striker.

The most amazing thing about the story is that Timur along with the full Ankaragucu squad hadn't been paid in over 6 months until Mehmet Yiginer came in. When you look at the likes of Carlos Tevez who refused to play for Manchester City last year while getting paid 200k per week, it is a breath of fresh air to hear that there are still players out there who put values before money.

To view the story  Click here !


  1. A great gesture indeed. Fair do's to the lad.

  2. agreed burra , excellent gesture indeed

  3. Not a typical footballer--on and off the pitch.

  4. I know that Timur sometimes reads us, so to spare his blushes even further ..... let's just give him a Kanka Accolade and a big thumbs up !