Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ankaragucu 0-3 Denizlispor match report ! Ankaragucu relegated !

Picture taken from TRT

Its difficult to criticise this young Ankaragucu team who have carried the weight of all the clubs problems admirably on their shoulders all season. They have put up a good fight in the battle against relegation and took it right up until the second last game of the season. Unfortunately the clubs fate was sealed today as Samsunspor won at Gaziantep and Tavsanli won at home to Kartalspor. Ankaragucu will be playing in LIG 2 next season.

Events in Ankara today showed lack of discipline as Ankaragucu ended the match with 7 men due to sending offs for Serkan Sirin, Timur Ozgoz, Bilal Gulden and Bilal Gundogdu. Its easy to blame the referee but looking at the replays he got the first two decisions correct, Bilal Gulden was unfortunate and Gundogdu was sent off for what looked like foul language.

Ankaragucu fell apart and it would also be easy to have a go at the players, you have to however remember this young team have experienced more lows in 2 years that most players experience in their whole career. Their frustrations were clear to see today after the sending off of Serkan Sirin. With the club already serving and 11 match stadium ban due to crowd trouble, Ankaragucu need to find discipline on and off the field if they ever want to return to the good times.

Team - Gokhan Akkan, Aytac, Mehmet, Gurkan, Volkan, Kaan, Bilal, Serkan, Gokhan Erdogan, Teoman, Timur

Subs - Bayram, Metin, Emre, Bilal Gundogdu, Gulcan, Mert

6 - Good cross into the box from Kaan, Gokhan Erdogan volleys straight at Sahmali, good chance for Ankaragucu.

10 - Nice play from Timur who almost plays in Gokhan but Sahmali smothers the ball at his feet.

21 - Excellent cross into the box for Ustun who powers his header past Gokhan Akkan to give Denizli the lead. 1-0.

23 - Another cross into the box from Suleyman for Ustun but Gokhan Akkan makes a good save.

32 - Ismail Obodasi is too quick for Mehmet, he drives past him before crossing into the box for Ustun who fires over the crossbar.

33 - Weak effort from Bilal from distance which goes by the post.

35 - Quick corner from Kann who plays a one two before firing his shot on goal from a tight angle but easily saved from Sahmali.

40 - Excellent cross into the box for Timur who watches Sahmali make a good save from his headed effort.

42 - Serkan Sirin sent off, Ankaragucu midfielder goes in for a 50/50 challenge on the half way line but leaves his studs high and catches his opponent, referee has no hesitations and shows Serkan the red card.

44 - Mert replaces Teoman

45 - Timur Ozgoz sent off, Timur trying to win the ball but his opponent is obstructing Timur from getting the ball as he tries to usher the ball over the touch line, Timur kicks out in frustration and ends up with a red card.

Half Time - Ankaragucu 0-1 Denizlispor

50 - Ismail runs forward with the ball before laying the ball off to Suleyman who fires over.

60 - Denizli in a 3 against 1 counter attack, the ball finds its way to Ustun but somehow the Ankaragucu defence get back to block the shot for a corner kick.

61 - Bilal red carded as Ankaragucu reduced to 8 men, Bilal goes in for a 50/50 but catches his opponent, was a yellow card but the referee again reaching for the red.

67 - Quick corner from Denizli, ball finds its way to Ismail but Gokhan makes the save.

69 - Ustun lays the ball off for Umut Kaya who fires the ball into the top corner to make it 2-0 Denizlispor.

72 - Bilal Gundogdu replaces Kaan Kanak

75 - Emre on for the disappointed Mert

78 - Lovely effort from Yusuf Emre from the edge of the box as he tries to chip Gokhan Akkan but the ball goes inches over.

81 - 30 Yard free kick from Hasan brilliantly saved from Gokhan Akkan.

84 - Bilal Gundogdu sent off for his second bookable offence as Ankaragucu now down to 7 men.

85 - Arif picks up a loose pass from Aytac before going past Mehmet and blasting the ball past Gokhan to make it 3-0.

85-90 - Denizli take their foot off the gas and allow Ankaragucu to play out the remaining 5 minutes just passing the ball across their defence.

Full Time - Ankaragucu 0-3 Denizlispor.

Ankaragucu will need to start preparing for next season, Mehmet Yiginer needs to speak to the players who are out of contract and try and keep as many players as possible. It is likely many players have played their last game for the club. Whoever goes The Round Ball in Ankara would like to thank them for their efforts.


  1. Thanks for your report and thoughts on this sad occasion Nadeem.

    I have to say a few things and get them off my chest before my brain clicks into gear in the cold light of day ........

    Reputations count for nothing in the cut and thrust of league footie, and Ankaragucu will have to contend with this fact in the 2nd League next season.

    Assuming that they will be playing in the 19 Mayis Stadium, there will be lots of 'minnows' coming to strut their stuff and make a name for themselves against the once mighty Ankaragucu.

    This will be one of the key points in Kaplan's pre-match briefing (again, assuming he is still with the Club) to motivate his players to play for the badge and put Ankaragucu on a northerly route back to the PTT League.

    Languishing in the 2nd League is not an option.

    Reputations are nothing !!! For example, take great teams like Rangers, Wolves, Sheffield Utd, Coventry and Portsmouth as classic examples of how the mighty have fallen.

    You reap what you sow in footie !!!!

  2. Is it going to be possible to see Ankaragucu's matches next season? Tv or internet?

  3. Well said Jim i agree with you

    OZ - no gamew will be shown online or TV, so that was my last match report :-(, need to hope after the stadium ban is lifted someone can do a report each week

  4. Very sad to hear confirmation of what we all feared was going to happen.

    Thanks for all the reports, updates etc Bellshill.

    Good luck to Ankaragucu next season.

  5. Spot on Burra Boy. Nadeem has performed miracles and carried our reporting for many months and for that we thank him. No doubt he will still be a regular contributor to the Blog. It would be 'lonely' without him !!

    The Ankaragucu Kankas are scheduled to meet soon and get into a huddle to discuss next season and what to do. However, you can be sure that we will all attend the home matches, stadium bans permitting.

    As for the away matches, we will speak to Maniac Kanka and get his opinion on that.

    Watch this space for details when known.

  6. According to Klasspor there were 830 police and 150 private security guards at the match. There were no fans at the match.

  7. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Condolences to all Gucu fans on the confirmation of the inevitable.Not that that makes it any easier.The team put up a valliant show these past few weeks and I'm sure surprised more than a few people with some of the results achieved in that time.Unfortunately it was too late by then.
    Good luck for next season and surely a change in fortunes is well overdue.

    Dublin Neil

  8. Connect Kanka6:10 pm

    Well, this is bad.

  9. Thanks for your words of sympathy and ..... encouragement Neil, and we know you will continue to support us for afar !

    I know we have tried (and failed) to meet in Bodrum over the years that you have been visiting us on this famous Blog, but let's try one more time.

    I'm planning to be in Bodrum from 23 to 29 July. Any chance that our paths may cross this year ?

    btw, nae doot you'll be tuned into Sky for the Big Yin on 26 May and supporting The Mighty Hibernian ??!!

  10. Thanks Guys, i am here to stay lol. I will be doing my regular updates but the match reports would be great if one of you guys over there could do it as you will be at the games. We miss Eski Kanka Jims home reports !!!

    Melih Gokcek has been talking today blaming Cemal Aydin and Gecekondu for the clubs troubles and stating his political rivals CHP will use this against him, dont fall for his lies !!